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Say goodbye to hold music. You can buy a policy in less than 3 minutes and submit a claim 24/7 – all online and hassle-free.

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We never charge admin fees or interest on monthly payments. We are making the world a better place, starting with your insurance.

Insurance tailored to freelancers with Freelancer Assist as standard

Professional Indemnity

This covers you for mistakes that cost your client money, whether they turn-out to be your fault or not. Essential for freelancers and contractors.

Public Liability

Protect yourself if you accidentally damage someone else’s property or cause them injury. Needed if you leave your home or get visits while you work.

Cyber Liability

Covers your liability from a cyber attack; plus expert assistance to locate, stop and fix the fallout from data breaches fast and 24/7.

Business Equipment

Your laptop, phone or tech is core to your business. Get 24 hour worldwide business equipment replacement, or the offer of instant cash.

Freelancer Assist

When you’re running your business, you don’t need distractions. We will help you chase clients for any unpaid invoices, provide expert tax specialists if you have an IR35 or other tax inspection, pay you for jury duty, and more.

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Customise your insurance to your needs; we’ll charge you by the second and only bill for what you use.

Professional Indemnity Including Freelancer Assist

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Professional Indemnity Including Freelancer Assist
Public Liability
Business Equipment

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Professional Indemnity Including Freelancer Assist
Public Liability
Business Equipment
Cyber Liability

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In troubled waters? We’ve got your back

Don’t risk working without insurance. With Dinghy you’ll never feel like a small freelancer in a big pond. You’ll get:

A dedicated team of claims experts and lawyers to the rescue

24 hour replacement on all equipment or an instant cash transfer

Cyber insurance experts on hand 24/7

Can we protect you?

If you are a tech developer, designer, or consultant that gives advice or designs for a living, we’ve got you covered. Our most popular 18 professions are below. To see the 200+ professions we cover, start a quote.

Tech + Data
Creative + Media
Consulting + Project

Join our mission to change insurance

Let’s make insurance a social good again. At Dinghy we “Trust First” with payments and with claims. It feels good and keeps your premiums low. Plus we give back to charities who support the world we need to protect.
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