Olivia Bufton

How to start out as a freelance copywriter

The great novelist C.S. Lewis said, “you can make anything by writing”. And thousands of freelance copywriters all over the world have found this to be true. A career. A business. A life, all built out of little words on a screen.  Making a living from being a writer seems like a dream to some (guaranteed to strike fear into

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What insurances should a social media freelancer have?

You know your TikTok from your Twitter. You’ve joined Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg as an early adopter of Clubhouse. You’ve nailed that Facebook formula (again, thanks algorithm changes) so your posts are popping with engagement. You’ve got social media sorted.  What insurances should a social media freelancer hold?  Do you have the right protection in place if something goes wrong? Social

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How to calculate and set your rates as a freelancer

While Jessie J might just want to make the world dance, anyone who’s spent even a bit of their life working freelance will know that actually, it is all about the price tag. Sorry, Jessie. Knowing what to charge for your freelance services can be a bit of a minefield, whether you’re brand new to freelancing or if you have a few years of experience under your belt. Set

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