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At Dinghy, our aim is to support existing freelancers and help more new freelancers build successful businesses. We do this with our specially designed freelancer insurance products, as well as sharing helpful articles like this one, full of useful tips and honest advice.
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8 tips for freelancers in the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is starting to bite. On top of high fuel bills, prices are increasing for food and other essentials. The recent market turmoil means that lots of people are facing increased housing costs too.  It’s a difficult time to be a freelancer. Your income isn’t guaranteed, so you feel vulnerable. If households start to tighten their

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10 blogs you should be reading as a freelance graphic designer

Keeping up with the latest trends, finding out about new techniques and cheats, and connecting with potential clients and other freelancers – there are lots of reasons to make regular reading of graphic design blogs a part of your weekly routine. Blogs are especially good for days when you’re feeling flat, lacking inspiration or motivation, or for filling in those

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I’m a freelancer working in IT, do I need insurance?

IT is one of the most popular sectors for freelancers to work in, and it’s easy to see why. Freelancing in IT allows you to be your own boss, set your own hours, and select the projects that are most interesting to you. You can also charge a premium for those in-demand specialist skills. Whether you’re a programmer, developer, technician

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Freelancer goals: how to get more testimonials from clients

How did we do? Were you happy with the service you received today? Let us know your thoughts! There’s a reason every company you interact with these days is desperate for you to leave your feedback: reviews are crucial in influencing decisions. How often have you been swayed to “add to basket” by a slew of five-star ratings, or been

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The insurance cover you should consider as a student freelancer

Student life has changed a lot over the years. With tuition fees higher than ever, and graduate career prospects uncertain, more and more students are making the smart move to start grafting while they study. Freelancing as a student can be a great way to earn some extra cash to support yourself – those student loans never seem to last

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10 tips to reduce the risk of unpaid invoices when freelancing

There is no bane of a freelancer’s life greater than the terror of unpaid invoices. Computer updates, fussy clients, requests to work for free, sure they’re annoying, but they are nothing in comparison to those customers who just will not pay!  Here, we share some of the top ways that freelancers and the self-employed can ensure they get their fees

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Freelancer, sole trader, contractor or employee: What are the pros and cons?

When you’re setting up solo, there’s a lot of new lingo to learn. Words that you previously took for granted that you understood – like freelancer – suddenly need to be backed up by the business know-how to understand the technical differences between different types of self-employment. Should I be a contractor or a freelancer? A sole trader or a

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10 of the best outdoor working spaces in London for freelancers

The days are longer, the sun is shining (sometimes) and we know that when the great British summertime arrives, you have to be ready to grab it with both hands. Working al fresco is the perfect way to soak up some Vitamin D while still making sure you plough through that freelance to-do list. Whether you need a spot for

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Freelancing clients as characters from Bridgerton: Season 2

Last year, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, the nation became hooked on a little Netflix show called Bridgerton. It’s fair to say we became a bit obsessed at Dinghy HQ, so we decided to write a blog about it – and people loved it. You might say it was the talk of the ton. So, this social season,

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