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10 of the best outdoor working spaces in London for freelancers

The days are longer, the sun is shining (sometimes) and we know that when the great British summertime arrives, you have to be ready to grab it with both hands. Working al fresco is the perfect way to soak up some Vitamin D while still making sure you plough through that freelance to-do list. Whether you need a spot for

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Woman watches a television

Freelancing clients as characters from Bridgerton: Season 2

Last year, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, the nation became hooked on a little Netflix show called Bridgerton. It’s fair to say we became a bit obsessed at Dinghy HQ, so we decided to write a blog about it – and people loved it. You might say it was the talk of the ton. So, this social season,

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Why buy a freelancer insurance policy with Dinghy?

You already understand why you need insurance cover for your freelance business. The peace-of-mind, financial security and reassurance to clients, makes getting business insurance cover for your freelancing career a no-brainer. Business insurance means you’re protected and professional. But why is a Dinghy policy the right choice for you – and hundreds of other freelancers like you? In this blog,

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Why it’s important to get insurance as a freelancer

When I talk about my job I like to focus on the exciting bits. People always want to know about what it’s like to write a book, speak at events or have the ability to work from anywhere in the world. And as much as I shout about the creative fulfilment I get from work, the reality is some aspects

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Sole Trader

Sole Trader Definition A sole trader by definition is the sole owner of their business through which they are self-employed. It is the simplest legal structure by which to run a business, with the most common alternative being a Limited Company. Sole traders hold personal financial liability for their business. With regards to tax calculations and liabilities, the identity of

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PAYE Reference Number

PAYE Reference Number A unique combination of letters and numbers given to every business that registers with the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as an employer. It is a reference number that allows HMRC and the taxman to identify a business. It is composed of two elements. The first three digits identify the businesses local HMRC office, and the remainder

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