Rob Hartley

Rob Hartley ACII has worked in insurance for over 17 years in Europe, USA and the Caribbean. He is inspired to improve the image of insurance and bring it back to being a social good. Having also worked as a freelance web developer and an insurance consultant he is passionate about improving insurance for freelancers. In 2017 he co-founded, an insurance provider that specialises in freelancer insurance.

How does Professional Indemnity insurance work?

This article will help explain how Professional Indemnity responds to claims, and why it’s important to have a trusted insurer behind you. At a fundamental level, all insurances work the same way. Insurance companies are able to use the buying power of large volume of customers to get the best people to help their customers when they have a claim.

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What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

This article will help you understand what Professional indemnity insurance is, and why it is important for any business that gives advice. Professional Indemnity insurance is a fundamental insurance for businesses that covers the costs and compensation to your client if you’ve made a mistake in your design or advice, now or in the past, that ends up with them

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What is an “Excess”?

This article will help you know what an insurance excess means, and why it is important to consider it before you buy An insurance “excess” is the amount you pay towards a claim. So if a claim costs in total £1,000, and there is an excess of £100; you pay £100 as contribution to the claim and the insurer pays

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Professional Indemnity Claims Examples

This article will help you understand professional indemnity claims; and why Eminem sued a New Zealand political party. Before getting stuck in to some examples, here is a brief re-cap on Professional indemnity insurance. If you want to read more, then visit our Professional Indemnity insurance page. Professional indemnity insurance covers you for making mistakes. From large scale architectural errors,

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How does Public Liability insurance work?

This article will help explain how Public Liability responds to claims, and if you need it. Public Liability insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against your business if a third party is injured or their property suffers damage whilst at your business premises or when you are working in their home, office, coffee shop or

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What level of Public Liability insurance do I need?

This article will help you understand the risks that Public Liability covers, and give you a guide on what limit you should buy. Choosing your Public Liability insurance limit often depends on the work you do and whether you have been asked to get a particular level by your clients. You should also think about the work you do, how

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Is it cheaper if I buy direct from the insurers?

Quick summary as to why it’s not cheaper direct from our insurers – as it’s not possible to buy direct. Simply – no, it isn’t. Reason being that our insurers don’t sell insurance directly to customers. They rely on intermediaries, such as ourselves, to sell their insurance on their behalf. Taking it one step further; we don’t believe that you

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Are you (Dinghy) insurance underwriters?

This article will help explain who Dinghy are, and who ultimately pays your claims No, we are not underwriters; we are insurance providers. We have been appointed by our insurers to insure you on their behalf. But ultimately the insurance premiums are paid through to our insurers, and your claims are paid by them. That’s why we have chosen world-class

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Your Real-time Proof of Policy is live!

You wanted it, we delivered it Our most requested feature is now live! Since we launched back in January, when we introduced the world’s first on-demand insurance for freelancers, our customers have consistently asked us for a way to let people know they were insured by Dinghy. We listened and are delighted to announce another world first – a real-time

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