Lisa Slater

Lisa Slater has been a freelance copywriter since 2014. She understands first-hand the ups and downs of freelance life and is passionate about supporting other freelancers. In 2017, she founded Make Your Copy Count Ltd and began offering training workshops to help those with limited marketing budgets win more business through their written sales and marketing communications. Her first book, A-Z of Blogging was published in January 2018 and is packed full of blogging tips.

5 things you need to know before starting your freelance business

If you’re employed by a company but feel unfulfilled, the dream of working for yourself can seem very attractive. Freelancers can pick and choose their clients and projects, work when they feel like it and keep all the money they make, rather than lining someone else’s pockets. Sounds perfect. In reality, freelance life is unpredictable. You’re walking away from a

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Top 10 mistakes freelancers make when starting out

Starting your own business can seem like a daunting process, but it’s actually relatively easy to do. In fact, some people start businesses almost by accident. The hard part isn’t starting a business; the hard part is running it successfully. Freelance life is unpredictable, and quite often, your business can take a completely different route to the one you expected.

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How to build a network of trusted partners

In our article about how freelancers can compete with agencies, we mentioned the benefits of having trusted partners. Being able to recommend good suppliers or co-ordinate a team of specialists will help you win bigger projects and deliver the full-service that clients get from an agency. Rather than waiting until a client asks, it’s a good idea to be proactive

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How to get the best out of networking

No matter how good you are at what you do, you won’t make any money unless you have clients. To win clients, you need to market yourself. Different marketing techniques work for different people, but networking can be a brilliant way of getting yourself known and building the right connections. If the thought of being stuck in a room full

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What’s your USP?

In the competitive world of freelancing, it’s not enough to just say you are better than the competition; you need to show why you are better. What makes you different? What is your unique selling proposition, your USP? Are you faster, cheaper, more reliable? Is your product bigger, healthier, easier to use, higher-quality, better for the environment, longer lasting? Having

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Freelancer fears: the secret anxiety nobody wants to admit to

The world of freelancing seems so alluring; work when you want, where you want, for who you want, doing what you want. Social media feeds are full of entrepreneurs talking about how to make millions working just three hours a week or become an overnight success from the comfort of a sun lounger. It’s no wonder so many people quit

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How freelancers can compete with agencies

Many freelancers work alone, and they like it that way. They know everything that goes on in their business, they don’t have to manage a team and they control every piece of work that goes out. The only problem is that competing with big agencies can be tough, especially when they are well-established with an impressive portfolio of clients. Big

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How to get paid as a freelancer

You’ve won a fantastic new client, agreed on a price and spent hours working on the project. You raise the invoice and wait. The payment due date passes but there’s no sign of your money. You send a polite email and get no response. You start to feel a little concerned. You need that money to come in soon or

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Ultimate Guide to Pricing Work as a Freelancer

Entering the world of freelancing can be both exciting and daunting. Inevitably there will be some trial and error, some questionable decisions and some mistakes made. However, with a bit of research, planning and a willingness to learn, the mistakes can be limited to inconveniences rather than disasters. One area that needs careful thought is pricing. Many freelancers struggle with

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