Lisa Slater

Lisa Slater has been a freelance copywriter since 2014. She understands first-hand the ups and downs of freelance life and is passionate about supporting other freelancers. In 2017, she founded Make Your Copy Count Ltd and began offering training workshops to help those with limited marketing budgets win more business through their written sales and marketing communications. Her first book, A-Z of Blogging was published in January 2018 and is packed full of blogging tips.

Best and worst things about freelance life

Being a freelancer is great. You get to set your hours, work wherever you like, choose who you work with and charge whatever you want for your services. No boss, no horrible clients to deal with and no incompetent colleagues making life more complicated than it needs to be. Perfect. Unfortunately, a lot of the best parts of being a

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Best platforms for freelancers

Finding work as a freelancer can be tough, but fortunately, there are plenty of websites and apps that are designed to make things easier. In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular sites and then weigh up the pros and cons of the different types. Most popular freelancer websites Fiverr Fiverr is straightforward to use,

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Blast from the past: The social media platforms we miss the most

It’s hard to imagine a world without social media, but it wasn’t that long ago that the internet was a new and scary place. Most families shared a PC (if they were lucky) and had to dial into the internet using their phone line. Now we can access a whole host of social media platforms from anywhere in the world

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freelance working from home

Working from home: the good, the bad and the ugly

There’s no denying that working from home comes with a lot of perks, but there are some downsides too. When you’ve got all your luxuries close to hand and nobody to hold you accountable, it can be tough motivating yourself. In this article, we look at the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to working from home

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Marketing for freelancers

The best marketing channels for freelancers

When you’re a freelancer looking for work, there are so many options for how to market yourself, and there’s never a shortage of people giving their advice. You get bombarded with things to try; things that have worked for other people; things you have to do because everyone else is. Get a website. Write some blogs. Make a video. Focus

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coffee and biscuits for freelancers

Reward yourself: The importance of biscuits

Working for yourself offers many benefits. You can choose how you work, where you work, when you work and who you work with. If you get it right, you’ll have a better work-life balance, higher income and a lot to be proud of, but success doesn’t come easy. You have to work for it, and that takes dedication, determination and

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How to find profitable work as a freelancer

Making good money as a freelancer can be tough. Not only are you competing with other freelancers, but you often have to go up against agencies too. The feast and famine nature of work can be stressful, and sometimes you end up having to take on projects that are less than desirable. It’s not surprising that many freelancers fail within

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Cat with blue eyes

Pets-eye view: the joys of working from home with a pet

For those freelancers lucky enough to have a furry companion, you’ll know all too well the joys of working from home with a pet. Your four-legged friend is there to offer companionship and can help combat that feeling of loneliness. They also provide a welcome distraction when the going gets tough. But, have you ever wondered how your pet feels

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Home working

Freelancer isolation: 5 ways to combat the loneliness

Working from home when you’re self employed or a sole trader is seen by many as a luxury. You can get up when you want, wear what you want, even stay in your pyjamas all day if you feel like it. You don’t have a tedious commute or rush-hour traffic to contend with, and you can start and finish work

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