Julian New

Julian is a freelance marketing consultant, having worked previously at The Times and The Sunday Times before joining Kingsbridge group, and now Dinghy. Amongst other things he enjoys travel, photography and playing guitar and even sailed across the Atlantic before becoming one of the Dinghy crew.

How do I minimise my risk online?

‘It’ll never happen to me.’ ‘My business is too small.’ ‘They only go after big companies.’ All statements we’ve heard freelancers say in the recent past and all, unfortunately, incorrect. But what exactly were they talking about? We’ll tell you. The prospect of a cyber hack. Cyber security breaches have become big news in recent years. There seems to be

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Insuring Your Equipment

It makes sense to take care of your stuff. It’ll save you money. Things will last longer. You can put your hard-earned income towards something nice. It makes even more sense when the equipment you use is essentially your mobile office. When you’re freelancing, whether it’s from home or on site, you’ll almost certainly be using your own laptop, phone,

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Professional Indemnity vs Public Liability insurance

Insurance: it’s not exactly the most glamorous purchase you’ll ever make. No one really looks forward to the day when they have to get their cover in place. But, like putting petrol in your car or paying the heating bill, it’s essential (especially if you’re freelancing.) And here at Dinghy HQ, we like to make that process as painless and

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Rapid rise of the UK Gig and Freelance economy

A recent report has brought to light the rapid rise of the Gig economy in the UK. Between 2016 and 2019 the number of people working through an online platform has doubled from 4.7% to 9.6%. A meteoric rise that only looks set to continue as the digitisation of our lives deepens and a new generation begins to enter the

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