Julian New

Julian is a freelance marketing consultant, having worked previously at The Times and The Sunday Times before joining Kingsbridge group, and now Dinghy. Amongst other things he enjoys travel, photography and playing guitar and even sailed across the Atlantic before becoming one of the Dinghy crew.
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Zoom backgrounds – the funniest ones we’ve seen so far

Team Dinghy, along with most of the rest of the world, have been spending quite a bit of time on Zoom as of late. As a remote working company we were already somewhat familiar with the video-conferencing platform, but confinement and quarantine have ramped up our usage to new levels. Unless you’ve been living in a cave – and if

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Home alone? How to work from home during Coronavirus

How’s working from home working out for you? Like most things at the moment, we’re guessing it was probably more fun last week than it is right now. With more and more of us being asked to self-isolate and work remotely, we’re fast adapting to a new version of normality. But many of us aren’t quite there yet. Still haven’t

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‘Freelancing in 2020: State of the Industry’ – A Dinghy Survey

Being a freelancer is great. We know that. You know that. But sometimes it’s worth digging a little deeper, worth finding out what makes you – and your fellow freelancers – tick. For that reason, we recently embarked upon the inaugural Dinghy ‘Freelancing in 2020: State of the Industry’ survey. After all, what better time is there to find out

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Allianz Insurance partners with insurtech pioneer Dinghy

Allianz Insurance and Dinghy announce new partnership to offer on-demand business insurance to freelancers                                        Allianz Insurance and on-demand insurtech pioneer Dinghy today announced a partnership to provide business insurance into the fast-growing freelancer market. Dinghy offers flexible on-demand business insurance for freelancers where cover is charged by the second and customers pay only for what is used. Cover levels may

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Top self-employed jobs in the UK (in the top 7 locations)

From the city to the sea, at Dinghy we have looked into the top three jobs for the self-employed in the most popular locations in the UK. Whether you class yourself as a freelancer, a sole trader or simply self-employed, this list outlines the top seven locations and the top three self-employed job titles in each location in the UK,

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How to start out as a freelance Graphic Designer

A picture paints a thousand words, as the old cliché goes. If you are visually and aesthetically inclined, there’s a good chance you’ve searched online for tips on how to become a graphic designer a few times before. In fact, that’s probably what got you here in the first place. If you’re just starting out as a freelance designer, you’ve

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Sound Engineer

How to become a sound engineer

Ever wanted to know how to become a sound engineer? Luckily for you, you’re in the right place! This blog will provide all (ok, most) of the information about sound engineering that you’ll ever need. So you can answer the question, what does a sound engineer do? From guidance on a sound engineer salary to tips on how to become

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The best business laptop for a freelancer

The best business laptop and laptop insurance for a freelance writer Where would we be without the computer, and the laptop more specifically? It has fundamentally altered the way we work, where we work, and what we work on. Sure, in ten years we might all be ruled over by a merciless AI master (and if you’re reading this in

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How to go freelance

Everything you always wanted to know about how to write an invoice, freelance contracts and estimates for a job (but were afraid to ask) There is something innately human about making a leap into unchartered territory. It’s in our nature to dream about the unfamiliar. But many of us don’t quite take that final step. It’s easy to be safe

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