Ben Wilks

Ben Wilks has worked in insurance and technology for over 12 years. Having seen the trouble freelancers had getting insurance to suit their unique lifestyle he set about solving it. Ben is passionate about business as a force for social good. When not making insurance better, Ben spends his time on water, whether liquid or snow state. In 2017 he co-founded, a B Corp (pending) insurance provider that specialises in freelancer insurance.
Work from home

How to collaborate successfully with other freelancers

Working alone is great, but there will be times when projects require you to collaborate with other freelancers. If things go well, you learn from each other, tap into other people’s skills and deliver a better result for the client. Unfortunately, collaboration isn’t always straightforward. Not everyone works to the same standard. Some people are terrible at communicating, and you

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Dinghy is now officially a Lloyd’s coverholder!

If you haven’t heard of Lloyd’s of London before, or are vaguely reminded of the spaceship-like head office in London, then this may not mean much to you. But the end result is that you will continue to get the excellent service you deserve, with some shiny new stuff going on underneath the bonnet here at Dinghy. We are not

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Twitter mobile

Tweet in haste, repent at leisure

With Elon Musk seemingly never out of trouble when it comes to his Twitter feed, we’re provided with a constant reminder of the potential risks of posting online. This is especially true on social media where the line between a personal profile and business professional can be so easily blurred. Social media can be an essential tool in the life

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Graudate freelancing

Freelancing as a student? Here’s what you need to know

Being a student now is hard. Tuition and living costs are soaring, student loan interest is at its highest rate yet, and less study-friendly jobs are available than ever as campus populations increase every year. There is an answer that could kickstart your career as well as help you earn some much-needed cash, though: freelancing. You’ll have to be smart

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Sunset sign

Is Freelancing the Right Route for you?

If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re considering freelancing. Have you been thinking about taking your creative skills freelance for some time and want to gather a plan together finally? Are you on the precipice and just need a little reassurance that it’s safe to jump? Perhaps you’re facing redundancy and want to explore different options to regular employment? There

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Become a freelancer

The Importance of Freelancer Contracts

Freelancing is the creative’s dream; being your own boss lets you manage your own time, cherry-pick projects and choose your clients. It also allows you to enjoy a healthy work/life balance that many agency and in-house creatives don’t get. This work/life balance should ensure that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your work. However, there are responsibilities

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Freelancer procrastination and how to help yourself

Procrastination is a malady suffered by many, which is only made worse by being in charge of your own time – i.e. a freelancer. Throughout education, we’re compelled to be productive. The constant threat of consequence – for missing homework, turning up late, habitual social media use during class hours – hangs over our heads, giving some strong external motivation

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Twenty pound notes

Freelancers strike back: Saying “no” to free work

It’s a scenario that will be all-too-familiar to many freelancers. You’re having a promising email exchange back and forth with a new client. The job sounds like an interesting one, you already have tonnes of ideas about how to approach it and you feel like this client is a good fit. Then the discussion turns to rates. “Ah!” says the

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