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April 17, 2018

5 ways that you’re much better off with Dinghy

Written by Jack Lewis

(And why we’re unlike any other insurance company)

Having been founded and built by freelancers for freelancers, we have directly addressed the issues that have really irked us about insurance. This has meant we’ve rethought and redesigned the entire process in ways you will not have seen for business insurance before:

1) Turn your insurance on and off
Dinghy is the only business insurance provider to only charge you for the insurance you use. So if you are not working, or working from home, you can change your insurance and save money.

2) You pay monthly by default (and pay absolutely nothing extra for doing so)
If you look elsewhere you can expect to pay around 33% APR on top of your premium for this privilege.

3) Your cashflow is our concern
So we bill you at the end of the month, and only for what you used – there is absolutely no up-front outlay to worry about. Just attach a payment card to your account, and you’re away. Your first payment will be taken pro-rata at the end of the current calendar month.

4) You will never pay admin fees. Ever.
We fundamentally disagree with admin fees. They are unfortunately standard practice across insurance and are typically hidden away in small print. These are the some of the most important ways this makes us different:

Total flexibility, instantly and for free

Most other companies will charge you an ‘administration fee’ of around £10-20 to spend your valuable time in a queue on the phone to then make changes to your policy. Dinghy gives you full control of your own 24-hour access control panel in which you are free to make any changes to your policy whenever you want, as often as you want and at absolutely no additional cost for doing so.

You’re free to leave at no cost

Buried away in a most insurance ‘terms and conditions’ you’ll find that there is a fee to cancel your policy, after a (legally obligatory) 14-day cool-off period. This is a completely outdated practice that we want to see the back of. Whatever the reason, whether you have stopped freelancing or simply found a better deal – we will not charge you anything to leave us.

5) We put your money to social good
This was our founding principles we, as founders of the company, laid-out before we had even registered the company. It’s something close to our hearts, and care about. For example we are passionate about reducing plastic waste and that’s why we are an active sponsor of Surfers against Sewage.

In conclusion

These are just a few of the ways in which Dinghy is completely different to the rest of the industry, we are also one of the most competitive you can find:

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