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December 2, 2019

Allianz Insurance partners with insurtech pioneer Dinghy

Written by Jack Lewis

Allianz Insurance and Dinghy announce new partnership to offer on-demand business insurance to freelancers                                       

Allianz Insurance and on-demand insurtech pioneer Dinghy today announced a partnership to provide business insurance into the fast-growing freelancer market.

Dinghy offers flexible on-demand business insurance for freelancers where cover is charged by the second and customers pay only for what is used. Cover levels may be flexed up or down, on or off, and payment is settled in arrears – all controlled though an easy-to-use app.

The workplace is changing. The world is filling up with hustlers, grafters, slashies and flat-whiters. Not only are people changing how they work, when they work and what work they undertake but, equally, an ever-greater number are choosing to take the plunge and work for themselves.

As the number of freelancers has increased, so too has the diversity of the workforce. The number of women working as freelancers has grown by 63% over the last decade[1].  Freelancers aged 50 and above increased by close to 200% in the 15 years between 2001 and 2016[2]. Dinghy allows freelancers to have access to fair-priced insurance for the periods of cover they want.

Recent data shows that there are 4.7 million freelancers now regularly working through some form of work or services platform (a significant increase from 2.3 million people in 2016) and around 7.5 million people in the UK who have engaged with work in this way at least once[3].

Dorian Zanker, CEO at Dinghy said; “The future of work is here – and Dinghy is the future of insurance. We are serving this emerging and high growth workforce with our innovative on-demand offering.”

He added, “We are making insurance fairer, faster and cheaper for the new and growing population of freelancers and are extremely pleased that Allianz shares our goals as well. With their deep expertise, I believe we have never been in a better position to make our vision a reality for all freelancers and platform workers.”

Nick Hobbs, director of broker markets at Allianz Insurance plc, said: “We recognise that the world of employment is changing rapidly and our work in getting to this point with Dinghy has re-emphasised that evolution. With insure-as-you-work solutions expected to become more prevalent, partnering with Dinghy represents a great opportunity for Allianz. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise and providing flexible business insurance solutions for this fast-growing sector of the economy.”

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