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January 18, 2019

An exciting new chapter for Dinghy

Written by Jack Lewis

Dinghy has been acquired by the Kingsbridge Group

We have some really exciting news to share. Almost 12 months to the day since we launched the world’s first on-demand insurance for freelancers, Dinghy is joining the Kingsbridge family alongside Larsen Howie. You can read more in the full press release.

So how does this affect Dinghy insurance policies?

The simple answer is, it doesn’t.

Kingsbridge love what Dinghy does, and they’re excited to back us in our ongoing mission to offer freelancers a fully flexible, online policy that freelancers can change as they need to.

More questions? Please feel free to drop us an email.

We are honoured that all of our customers have joined us on this journey so far and hope they’re as exited as we are for what’s next.

Ben, Ed and Rob
Founders of Dinghy

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