August 6, 2019

New customer quotes have been paused

Written by Edward Woodcock

Dinghy Co-Founder

Why have we paused providing new business quotes?

We have recently decided to change our insurance provider in order to expand our product range and ensure that our prices remain competitive.

This was not an easy decision to make given the strong support we have had from our existing provider since our launch, but it was one that we felt was in the best long-term interests of our customers and the business as a whole.

Unfortunately, having notified our existing insurance providers of our decision to switch, they have chosen to stop us from writing any new policies immediately, rather than facilitate a smooth transition over the next few months, as typically happens in situations such as these.

This means that for a brief period while we get our new insurance partner fully up and running, we are unable to provide quotes or sell policies to new customers.

Our existing customers remain unaffected and are still able to update their policies through their online Self Service area, 24hours a day, 7 days a week. We still keep the same flexibility that we have always had, with our on demand insurance fully operational.

This short term disruption is unfortunate but ultimately outside of our control. Even so we are confident that our decision to move insurers is in the best long-term interests of our customers and will provide an even stronger platform for Dinghy’s further growth, both in the UK and internationally. Looking forwards, we are very excited about some big things we’ve got in the pipeline at Dinghy and having you, our customers, join us on that journey to make insurance for freelancers as it should be.

We always knew changing the world of insurance wouldn’t be easy. But we are in this to continue doing just that.  One policy at a time if we need to!

About Edward Woodcock

Edward has been a technologist for over a decade, with the bulk of his experience in building software for the insurance and e-commerce markets. Having been a freelancer for over three years, Ed has directly gone through the biggest pains that most freelancers experience and knows first-hand what concerns them. This established in him a passion to solve these freelancer worries and improve their lives, so in 2017 he co-founded, an insurance provider that specialises in freelancer insurance.

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