May 18, 2018

Virtual Assistants

Written by Ben Wilks

Dinghy Co-Founder

Protect your work, protect your business, protect your customers.

Thank you so much to everyone that took part in our survey, you really have helped us shape a better insurance package for Virtual Assistants. We have taken all the results submitted and created the perfect package to enable you to do your work with the knowledge that you are covered.

We asked, you answered….definitively

Click here to see the Dinghy VA insurance product, designed by you for you, here’s what it includes and why:

    • 100% of those surveyed wanted their equipment covered in the package
        • We have included equipment cover up to £2,000 as standard
        • This can be increased if required after buying the policy
      • Dinghy provides a worldwide 24hr replacement of equipment or bank transfer if we can’t get you what you need
    • Over 80% wanted the package to cover them for GDPR risks and 100% thought that letting your clients know that you have GDPR insurance could be used to retain and get new business
      • We have included GDPR & Cyber Liability Cover for up to £100,000 with £0 excess and data loss for up to 5,000 records (paid after first 100 records)
    • 80% required cover for working in coffee shops and co-working spaces, visiting clients offices or clients visiting them
      • £2m of Public Liability cover ensures that you are covered should someone trip over your laptop cable or you spill a cup over someone else’s belongings
  • 90% of respondents knew that they needed to cover the mistakes they made or the advice they gave
    • Professional Indemnity is key for all Virtual Assistants, the average required by you was £50,000 but due to changes in the Liability laws recently Dinghy refuses to sell Professional Indemnity cover that low. We have included protection of £100,000 with zero excess, effectively doubling your protection with no barriers for reporting potential claims. The extra £50,000 protection afforded costs approximately £00.01 per day but has a large impact on your protection

The VA package also includes Freelancer Assist as standard, which includes:

    • Overdue invoices chased on your behalf
      • The bain of every self employed person. If you’re invoice overdue date is disappearing over the horizon, you think enough is enough and it’s time to really chase that invoice we’ll do that for you (as long as the invoice is more than £200)
    • Tax investigation cover
        • “Audit Assist” We’ll represent you if a dispute arises following a tax inspection by HMRC
        • “IR35 Assist” We’ll represent you if a dispute arises regarding IR35
      • “VAT Assist” We’ll represent you is there is a VAT dispute
    • Jury duty income protection
      • If you are called to do your civic duty we will cover your lost earnings
    • Crisis communication
      • Following an event which causes your business significant adverse publicity or reputational damage
    • Legal defence
      • Covering your business legal expenses (including motor offences).
    • 24/7 legal advice helpline
    • Business hours tax advice helpline
    • 24/7 counselling helpline
  • Access to exclusive Partner offers

Not bad for just £19.66 a month

With the other benefits of Dinghy that people have now come to expect of no upfront costs, cancel when you want and no fees….ever, it’s incredible value, we hope you agree ?.

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Need bespoke cover?

We know that not everyone will need the full package and if you are looking for a quote tailored to your specific business please just click here for a bespoke quote.

About Ben Wilks

Ben Wilks has worked in insurance and technology for over 12 years. Having seen the trouble freelancers had getting insurance to suit their unique lifestyle he set about solving it. Ben is passionate about business as a force for social good. When not making insurance better, Ben spends his time on water, whether liquid or snow state. In 2017 he co-founded, a B Corp (pending) insurance provider that specialises in freelancer insurance.

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