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Cyber Insurance

Essential insurance for freelancers and self-employed professionals. Insurance covering liability and breach response.
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Why buy Cyber insurance?

For most freelancers, your laptop or computer equipment will be an essential tool to complete your work. Could you manage if you lost access to your devices, data and software? And what disruption and loss of earnings might this have on your business?

Cyber-attacks continue to rise. Many businesses have appeared in the news over the last year as victims of cyber or malware attacks. These attacks caused business disruption for days, weeks, and in some cases even months. As a freelancer, you most likely don’t have an expert IT team at your disposal, so having cyber insurance is even more important.
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Why choose Dinghy Cyber Liability insurance?

At Dinghy, we know that freelancers want an insurance policy that is fast, responsive and flexible. Dinghy insurance has been designed to suit the need of freelancers and you have the option to pause your insurance when you aren’t working to save money. Self-serve your policy with our 24/7 self-service area for instant changes, which can be managed online or via our App.

Your cyber liability policy includes a dedicated 24-hour helpline as part of your access to ReSecure, a specialist cyber incident reporting service.

What does Dinghy Cyber insurance cover?

  • Ransomware attacks and demands (£25,000)
  • Restoration of data (£100,000)
  • Business interruption cover as a result of a cyber attack (£20,000)
  • Regulatory defence and penalties (£25,000)

In addition to the above, our policy gives you access to ReSecure, a dedicated 24-hour helpline and specialist cyber incident report service. In the event of an attack, they will help to determine the cause of the breach, as well as assist in the recovery of any lost data and the restoration of your systems to working order.

What is Cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance, also known as cyber liability insurance and cyber risk insurance, protects your freelancer business from ever-increasing online threats. Cyber-attacks can come from malicious attacks, such as malware, human error, or technological breakdowns.

Who needs Cyber insurance?

As a freelancer, you are responsible for keeping your data secure. Even with the best defences in place, a breach can still happen. Cyber insurance is an extra safeguard that you can use to protect yourself and your business from the growing number of digital threats

Dinghy’s cyber liability insurance gives you peace of mind in the event of a breach and ensures that you have a team of experienced professionals on hand to help if things ever go wrong.

Do I need Cyber Liability insurance?

There is no requirement to hold cyber insurance. But it is essential for freelancers that send or store electronic data, given that the threat is so high. For example, it has been reported that 37% of UK micro-businesses and 39% of small businesses experienced a cyber security breach or attack in 2020.

How much does Cyber Liability insurance cost?

Our cyber insurance costs just 23p a day, working out at £6.86 per month (30 days).

How does Cyber Liability insurance work?

In the event of a cyber-attack, the policy will provide cover for cyber liability claims. The cyber insurance policy can be included as an add-on to our professional indemnity policy.

What level of Cyber Liability insurance do I need?

It really depends on your individual circumstances. Our cyber insurance policy comes with up to £100,000 of cover as standard.

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At Dinghy we have carefully crafted our insurance products with the freelancer and self-employed lifestyle at their core. In doing so they fit perfectly with your flexible hours and changing work environments. Reflecting the modern way you do business. Stack them together, manage them easily and get yourself covered.