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Which freelancers we insure

Which freelancers we insure

We offer business insurance to over 250 professions. Find out more below.
Our insurance products
We provide insurance to freelancers, sole traders, and self-employed professionals. You are free to tailor your insurance to your needs, choosing from:

All of our policies also include Freelancer Assist, which provides legal support to chase unpaid invoices, tax assistance should you have an investigation from HMRC, covers lost income from jury service and more.

Who we insure
We are also the only insurance provider to offer multi profession insurance, allowing you to insure up to 5 different professions under the same policy; simply choose what you would like to cover and your policy will be tailored to you.

In alphabetical order, we provide the following profession insurance:

2D-3D Animator insurance
Accessory designer insurance
Account manager insurance
Advertising designer insurance
Adwords manager insurance
After effects editor insurance
Agile project manager insurance
Agile team leader insurance
Analytics consultant insurance
Analytics manager insurance
Android developer insurance
Animator insurance
App developer insurance
AR / VR developer insurance
AR developer insurance
AR editor insurance
Artist insurance
Audio editor insurance

Back end developer insurance
Bathroom designer insurance
Blogger insurance
Brand consultant insurance
Business analyst insurance

C# developer insurance
C++ developer insurance
Cartoonist insurance
Communications consultant insurance
Composer insurance
Computer programmer insurance
Computer repairer insurance
Computer sales support insurance
Computer scientist insurance
Computer security consultant insurance
Computer software consultant insurance
Computer software customisation insurance
Computer software developers insurance
Computer software maintenance insurance
Computer software tester insurance
Consultant insurance
Consultant editor insurance
Content editor insurance
Content manager insurance
Costume designer insurance
Creative consultant insurance
Creative strategist insurance
Creative video editor insurance
Creative writer insurance

Data analyst insurance
Data communications analyst insurance
Data engineer insurance
Data expert insurance
Data remover insurance
Data scientist insurance
Data visualisation analyst insurance
Database administrator insurance
Database developer insurance
Database management consultant insurance
Design strategist insurance
Developer insurance
Digital advertiser insurance
Digital content designer insurance
Digital designer insurance
Digital image editor insurance
Digital marketeer insurance
Digital media buyer insurance
Digital print manager insurance
Digital writer insurance
Dot net developer insurance
Driver developer insurance

Editor insurance
Education consultant insurance
Embedded communications engineer insurance
Employment consultant insurance
Event designer insurance
E-receptionist Insurance
Event planner insurance
Exhibiton designer insurance

Fashion designer insurance
Feng shui consultant insurance
Flash developer insurance
Floral designer insurance
Food stylist insurance
Front end developer insurance
Full stack developer insurance
Furniture designer insurance

Graphic designer insurance
Graphics software engineer insurance
Growth consultant insurance
Growth hacker insurance

Ident producer insurance
Illustrator insurance
Image library consultant insurance
Imagineer insurance
Information scientist insurance
Information systems manager insurance
Interactive designer insurance
Interim manager insurance
Interior designer insurance
Internet service provider insurance
Interpreter insurance
iOs developer insurance
IT consultant insurance
IT Contractor insurance
IT Engineer insurance
IT hardware designer insurance
IT hardware repairer insurance
IT manager insurance
IT outsourcing consultant insurance
IT product manager insurance
IT programme manager insurance
IT project manager insurance
IT security – penetration tester insurance
IT security consultant insurance
IT security consultant insurance
IT support analyst insurance
IT Trainer insurance

Java developer insurance
Javascript developer insurance
Jewellery designer insurance
Jquery developer insurance

Kitchen designer insurance
Knitwear designer insurance

Landscape designer insurance
Life coach insurance
Location scout insurance
Lyricist insurance

Management consultant insurance
Media buyer insurance
Media project manager insurance
Mindfulness coach insurance
Mobile developer insurance
Motion graphics animator insurance
Motion graphics designer insurance
Multimedia artist insurance
Multimedia consultant insurance
Multimedia programmer insurance
Music tutor insurance
Musician insurance

Network & systems engineer insurance
Network administrator insurance
Node.js developer insurance

Online marketeer insurance
Operational researcher insurance

Packaging designer insurance
Penetration tester insurance
Personnel consultant insurance
Photographer insurance
PHP developer insurance
Plugin developer insurance
Podcast editor insurance
Post Production consultant insurance
Post production manager insurance
PPC manager insurance
PR consultant insurance
PR manager insurance
Print designer insurance
Product manager insurance
Production designer insurance
Production editor insurance
Insurance for professionals
Programme manager (computing)
Programmer insurance
Project leader (software design)
Project manager insurance
Python developer insurance

QA analyst insurance
Quality Tester insurance

React developer insurance
Recruiter insurance
Research & insights manager insurance
Risk management consultant insurance
Ruby-on-Rails developer insurance

Scenery designer insurance
Scenographer insurance
Script editor insurance
Sculptor insurance
Secretarial / Clerical services insurance
Section editor insurance
Self employed insurance
SEO manager insurance
SEO strategist insurance
Set designer insurance
Shader writer insurance
Social media consultant insurance
Social media editor insurance
Software developer insurance
Sole trader insurance
Software tester insurance
Sound designer insurance
Sound dubbing engineer insurance
Sound engineer insurance
Sound mixer insurance
Sound recordist insurance
Special FX engineer insurance
SQL developer insurance
Stills photographer insurance
Strategic consultant insurance
Sub-editor insurance
Systems analyst insurance
Systems consultant insurance
Systems developer insurance
Systems engineer insurance

Teacher / tutor insurance
Technical analyst (computing)
Technical architect insurance
Telecommunications consultant insurance
Test automation developer insurance
Training consultant insurance
Travel consultant insurance
Typeface designer insurance

UI / UX designer insurance
UX and Digital Designer insurance

Video content creator insurance
Video editor insurance
Videographer insurance
Virtual Assistant insurance
Visual Experience Designer insurance
Visual FX artist insurance
VR developer insurance

Web content copywriter insurance
Web content editor insurance
Web content translator insurance
Web designer insurance
Web developer insurance
Wedding planner insurance
Wellbeing consultant insurance
Writer insurance