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How do I minimise my risk online?

Jul 30, 2019

‘It’ll never happen to me.’ ‘My business is too small.’ ‘They only go after big companies.’ All statements we’ve heard freelancers say in the recent past and all, unfortunately, incorrect. But what exactly were they talking about? We’ll tell you. The prospect of a cyber hack. Cyber security breaches have become big news in recent years. There seems to be


Professional Indemnity vs Public Liability insurance

Jul 30, 2019

Insurance: it’s not exactly the most glamorous purchase you’ll ever make. No one really looks forward to the day when they have to get their cover in place. But, like putting petrol in your car or paying the heating bill, it’s essential (especially if you’re freelancing.) And here at Dinghy HQ, we like to make that process as painless and


a pastel coloured diary

Tax Year Dates

Jul 19, 2019

When is the end of the tax year? In the UK, the tax year runs from the 6th April to the 5th April the following year. These dates are the same each year. The dates for upcoming tax years are: Tax year 2019/2020 Saturday 6th April 2019 – Sunday 5th April 2020 Tax year 2020/2021 Monday 6th April 2020 –


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