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Financial measures to help the self-employed and freelancers during the coronavirus crisis

Mar 24, 2020

**Update – 27/03/20 We have seen a number of questions on how SSEP will work. As you might expect with support measures on this scale, there will be unanswered questions (or at least unclear points) for some time. ‘Who is covered by the new scheme?’ ‘How do you apply?’ ‘How do you prove you are self-employed?’ Just a few examples


WFH Blog Header

Home alone? How to work from home during Coronavirus

Mar 20, 2020

How’s working from home working out for you? Like most things at the moment, we’re guessing it was probably more fun last week than it is right now. With more and more of us being asked to self-isolate and work remotely, we’re fast adapting to a new version of normality. But many of us aren’t quite there yet. Still haven’t


CV Blog Header

Insurance cover in the time of coronavirus

Mar 18, 2020

On-demand insurance cover to match your working needs We’ll begin by stating the obvious: we have never faced a crisis on the scale of the coronavirus outbreak outside of wartime. These are tremendously difficult times for all of us. But there are a very particular set of difficulties that freelancers face. We’re all familiar by now with the lack of


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