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Welcome to Dinghy’s freelancer knowledge hub Here you can find articles, guides and resources about topics relating to freelancing, sole traders and the self-employed. From insurance (for example professional indemnity, public liability or equipment insurance), to running your freelance business and more. You can also find the most common FAQs answered by Dinghy and an entire dictionary of common terms used in the world of freelancing, insurance and business.

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A graduate’s guide to becoming a freelancer

Jul 5, 2022

Hey, congratulations, scholar! Donning that cap and gown and finally getting your mitts on that degree certificate is a huge rite-of-passage. But amidst the champagne, proud parents and tearful goodbyes, there’s also that niggling feeling: oh my goodness, what do I do next? If your time at uni is nearly over, you’ll be starting to consider your next career move.


Black woman smiling whilst working on a tablet with other workers in the background

Freelancer goals: how to be a more productive freelancer

Jun 7, 2022

Productivity takes on a whole new meaning when you start freelancing. A survey by Vouchercloud suggested that the average UK office worker is productive for just 2 hours 53 minutes of their standard 9-5! But when you’re self-employed, every second is precious – because if you’re not working, you’re not earning. Making the most of your working hours and ensuring


Black man in a coffee shop working on a lapto[

Freelancer, sole trader, contractor or employee: What are the pros and cons?

May 30, 2022

When you’re setting up solo, there’s a lot of new lingo to learn. Words that you previously took for granted that you understood – like freelancer – suddenly need to be backed up by the business know-how to understand the technical differences between different types of self-employment. Should I be a contractor or a freelancer? A sole trader or a


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