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Insurance cover in the time of coronavirus

On-demand insurance cover to match your working needs We’ll begin by stating the obvious: we have never faced a crisis on the scale of the coronavirus outbreak outside of wartime. These are tremendously difficult times for all of us. But there are a very particular set of difficulties that freelancers face. We’re all familiar by now with the lack of

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It’s time to put ‘you’ on your to-do list

Over 2 million people are now freelancing in the UK, and more people are turning to working for themselves than ever before. But what impact might that have on your mental health, and what things should you consider when you’re freelancing to make sure you can work well? We asked Matthew Knight from the mental health project Leapers to share

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The Budget 2020: What’s in store for freelancers?

Overview In less than a week’s time, new Chancellor Rishi Sunak will present his first Budget. As with many other aspects of the government under Boris Johnson, what the Budget might contain is hard to predict in any detail. A party seemingly interested in ruling by slogan (expect the phrase “levelling up” to crop up more than once next Wednesday),

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Is IR35 keeping you up at night?

IR35. Two letters and two numbers that strike fear into the hearts of freelancers everywhere (our survey confirmed it). But should they? There’s a couple of key distinctions to make first. The ins and outs of IR35 Ultimately, your IR35 status comes down to one simple determination: are you inside or are you outside? If you’re found to be inside

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How to gain the confidence to go freelance

A big thank you to Blue Cricket’s Tim Bradburn for the following post. How to gain the confidence to go freelance If you’re currently considering going freelance, you might be feeling unsure what your next move should be. If that’s the case, a good way to start is to define the type of business you want to build. Business? If

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