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Tips for starting out as a freelancer

Is it “new year, new career” for you? Perhaps your job has been put at risk by the pandemic, or maybe you’re just craving the independence, excitement and freedom of freelance life. Whatever the reasons that led you here, welcome to the club! Freelance life is exhilarating, varied, exhausting and sometimes just a little bit scary, especially when you’re first

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How could the latest lockdown impact freelancers?

Gosh that was quite a Christmas, wasn’t it? Although most of us had made scaled-back, low-key festive plans, the discovery of a new variant of COVID-19 spreading fast in the south east of the UK scuppered most of what was left of them, with a new Tier 4 being introduced just days before Christmas. Our bubbles were well and truly

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A freelancer’s guide to starting the new year right

Happy new year, freelancers! The fresh start that we all needed is finally upon us, and we’re feeling mixed emotions here at Dinghy: relieved to see the back of 2020, excited for a fresh start, but also anxious about what 2021 has to hold. There are some things – global pandemics, Brexit, mysterious monoliths – that are out of our control.

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Why having a blog is essential for freelancers in 2021

What comes to mind when you think of a blogger? Big sunglasses, floppy hat, wardrobe straight outta Topshop’s AW2020 collection and a perfect selfie pout? An eyelinered indie kid spilling their darkest secrets and favourite emo song lyrics onto livejournal? There’s a few stereotypes of what a blogger is, but none of them really hold true for us here at Dinghy. For some people blogging is a hobby,

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t retrain if you’re a freelance creative

It’s not often that the internet agrees on anything. So it was quite something that the whole country united to defend poor ‘Fatima’, when an ill-thought out government advert suggested that she should retrain from her job as a ballet dancer to a career in ‘cyber’.  The advert and its messaging angered people working in the arts and creative industries because

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Why freelancer numbers have fallen in 2020 (and why you shouldn’t let it put you off)

For years, we’ve been celebrating the steady increase in the number of freelancers in the UK. It became an increasingly attractive and popular way to work – the promise of flexible hours, a varied portfolio of jobs, good work-life balance and a high degree of autonomy drew people out of traditional jobs and into freelancing in greater and greater numbers. But

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