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How to pick up new freelance clients despite COVID

Lockdown has been, and continues to be, hard on freelancers. Empty inboxes, cancelled gigs and being ghosted by clients were as much a part of the pandemic experience as binge-watching Tiger King and family pub-quizzes on Zoom. But with an uncertain economic climate and a full return to “business as usual” looking still some way off, many companies are looking towards freelancers to

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How to win freelancing clients post-lockdown

It’s been a tough time for freelancers since coronavirus more-or-less put a halt to work earlier this year. While some have been able to continue working normally, others have seen clients drop away, leaving them reliant on government support if they were eligible for it.  However, we’re now seeing lockdown ease and a ‘new normal’ come into play, meaning opportunities for freelancers

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Why aren’t freelancers taking any time off?

When I started as a freelancer I had grand plans for my future. I pictured myself taking a midweek city break in Paris, spending months in Australia and plenty of long weekends catching up with friends in luxurious hot tubs across the country. The reality has been less globetrotter and more desk-squatter, and the best view I’ve had in recent weeks is

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Cyber attacks on the rise during lockdown

The sudden move to working from home for many workers back in March as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities that have led to a huge rise in cyber attacks. Cyber security experts Barracuda Networks reported on their survey which revealed that a massive 46% of organisations across the UK, USA, France and Germany have suffered at least one cyber

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How cyber-crime can affect the self-employed (and how you can protect yourself)

Cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting freelancers, seeing them as a “weak link” in terms of security. If you’re accessing client systems, software, data, or other operational tech through your own device then you pose what is perceived to be an easy target. Why waste time hacking into a secure system when they could get to it from your laptop which you regularly use

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What is cyber liability insurance and do I need it?

Cyber liability insurance is one of those things that just didn’t need to exist a few years ago. But as our reliance on the internet and digital technologies in business has grown, it’s a type of cover that’s become necessary. “Yeah,” you’re thinking. “For big online retailers. Not for me. I’m a freelance graphic designer/copywriter/influencer.” Well, we can see why you’d think that and, not long ago, you may

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I’m a business owner. I’m disabled. So what?

Having a disability shouldn’t stand in your way if you want to become a freelancer or run your own business, says Dave Howell.  According to research from IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed), over 600,000 people with a disability now work for themselves. Self-employment among the disabled has expanded by 30% over the last decade. The most common

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How to combat late payments as a freelancer

Clients that pay late are a fact of life for all freelancers. But is the freelance community powerless? Dave Howell assesses the current late payment landscape and considers what all small businesses can do to protect themselves from late payments.   Keeping cash flowing through your business is critical for long term sustainability. Research by Intuit QuickBooks makes for worrying reading as it

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What to do when you lose your biggest client

Fiona Thomas, author of Depression in a Digital Age (2018) and Out of Office (2020), takes a look at what you can do if one of your biggest clients no longer requires your services. As a freelancer, I’ve always worried about losing clients. But recently, when I got the dreaded call, I was strangely calm. “We can’t afford to pay

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