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Freelancer News July: lockdown is over

There were three overriding news stories in July: it was hot, football wasn’t coming home after all, and lockdown ended. Southgate’s boys did us all proud by getting to the final of the European Championships, but lost out to Italy in that cruellest of tie-breakers; the penalty shootout. Freelancers quickly shifted from football fans to electric fans as a record-breaking

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Do I need qualifications to be a freelancer?

There are some careers where the entry path is pretty defined and constricted. Take medicine for example. No one’s going to let you barge into surgery and start operating on patients without top A-levels, a medical degree, and several years of on-the-job training. But freelancing is a little different. In theory, anyone can start their own freelance business and build

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Lockdown is over! How to get back to freelancing

Way back in March 2020, coronavirus was first declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Almost 18 months later, after three national lockdowns, with over 60 million vaccines given, Freedom Day officially arrived in England on the 19th July. Whilst coronavirus has not disappeared overnight, with many places still making masks mandatory, and with the vaccine rollout still

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Wedding photographers: how to get ready for a busy summer

Confetti, cake, and being in the presence of true love: we here at Dinghy all enjoy a good wedding, and we’ve been sad to see them postponed, cancelled and scaled-down due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, restrictions have now been eased on the numbers of wedding guests, and 19th July’s Freedom Day should see weddings becoming more normal, with no

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5 ways freelancers can win back old clients

We’ve written before on the blog about how devastating it was to say goodbye to old clients when lockdown hit. Freelancers were one of the first victims of the initial wave of COVID-induced economic panic, as companies sought to reduce their outgoings. A lot of freelancers lost a lot of work, almost overnight. If this happened to you, know that

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What to do if a client is ignoring your invoice

Logging into your internet banking to discover, yet again, that the money you were expecting from a client hasn’t gone into your account. Is there any more stomach-dropping feeling for a freelancer? Late payments are a persistent problem for freelancers, so if you’re facing a client who’s gone cold on you once the invoice is in, know that you’re not

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Freelancer News: June

June – where the sun finally shone, but the COVID restrictions stayed on. The mini-heatwave that opened this month was a welcome relief from the cold, grey rains of May. As long as you had an ice lolly or two to get you through, it was a welcome novelty to crack open the suncream and sleep with the windows open

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How to make the most of limited outside space

June saw UK house price growth hit 13.4% – the highest monthly rise since 2004. With lockdown causing people to look to move out of London and the big cities to smaller towns and rural locations, being stuck in our homes for the best part of 18 months made us all feel a bit claustrophobic. One of the things that

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