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What insurance cover should I consider as a freelance writer?

We know that as a freelance writer, self-employed business insurance might fall down your list of priorities. You’d rather concentrate on the words – not worry about the “what ifs” of a freelancer lifestyle – but as a creative professional, you’ve also got to understand the risks that you’re taking on when you produce written content for clients. Freelancing is

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Why buy a freelancer insurance policy with Dinghy?

You already understand why you need insurance cover for your freelance business. The peace-of-mind, financial security and reassurance to clients, makes getting business insurance cover for your freelancing career a no-brainer. Business insurance means you’re protected and professional. But why is a Dinghy policy the right choice for you – and hundreds of other freelancers like you? In this blog,

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10 tips to be a greener freelancer in 2022

Hello, freelancers and Happy Earth Day. Yes, 22nd April is the day where people all over our beautiful blue and green planet celebrate all things Mother Nature and pledge to do their bit to help the environment. The theme this year is “invest in our planet” – and the Earth Day team are calling for businesses, governments and citizens to

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What insurances should a freelance photographer have?

Whether your thing is weddings, family portraits, product photography or photojournalism, we here at Dinghy love supporting freelance photographers and keeping them snap-happy. While, most of the time, life as a freelance photographer is picture-perfect, there’s always the chance that things can go wrong – unhappy clients, studio mishaps or tech troubles to name just a few. That’s why we

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How to look after your mental health as a freelancer

Two years of a global pandemic, soaring energy bills, war raging in Ukraine: it’s fair to say that life at the moment has a few external stressors that can make balancing your mental health just that little bit trickier. And while we value the freedom, flexibility and independence of freelance life, the flip side of that can be uncertainty, financial

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