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What do I do if a client is unhappy with my work?

It’s a situation every freelancer dreads: a client isn’t satisfied with the way their work has been done. But mistakes and misunderstandings are part of everyday working life and there’s no need to panic. How you respond to the situation makes a big difference.  The best outcome is for you to work with your client to fix mistakes and make

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8 tips for freelancers in the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is starting to bite. On top of high fuel bills, prices are increasing for food and other essentials. The recent market turmoil means that lots of people are facing increased housing costs too.  It’s a difficult time to be a freelancer. Your income isn’t guaranteed, so you feel vulnerable. If households start to tighten their

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A graduate’s guide to becoming a freelancer

Hey, congratulations, scholar! Donning that cap and gown and finally getting your mitts on that degree certificate is a huge rite-of-passage. But amidst the champagne, proud parents and tearful goodbyes, there’s also that niggling feeling: oh my goodness, what do I do next? If your time at uni is nearly over, you’ll be starting to consider your next career move.

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