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April 28, 2022

Freelancing clients as characters from Bridgerton: Season 2

Written by Dinghy

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Last year, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, the nation became hooked on a little Netflix show called Bridgerton. It’s fair to say we became a bit obsessed at Dinghy HQ, so we decided to write a blog about it – and people loved it. You might say it was the talk of the ton. So, this social season, we’re back with round two, featuring some familiar faces and a host of brand new debutants – all of whom remind us of the extraordinary and eccentric clients you meet on your freelancing journey. Any excuse to justify watching Bridgerton as work!

Kate Sharma – The new client who knows exactly what they want

Forthright, assertive and decisive, it’s actually a dream to work with freelance clients like Kate who know exactly what they want out of a project. Their briefs are always clear, precise and easy-to-follow. Stray too far from their expectations, though, and they’ll make sure you know about it. As well as a sharp mind, this client has a sharp tongue so it’s best to bring a healthy dose of good humour to your interactions – treat it as Anthony Bridgerton does and make sure you give as good as you get! This type of client respects spirit and confidence and always appreciates a job well done.

Edwina Sharma – The kind client

Clients like this season’s diamond are sweet and easy-going. Missed your deadline or made a mistake? They are lovely about it. Interactions with them are stress-free and you always enjoy catching up with them. The only issue is that their willingness to people-please can make it hard for freelancers to know what it is they really want, deep down. It can mean you have to do a bit of extra digging to understand if your work is truly delivering.

Violet Bridgerton – The big client juggling lots of things and trying to keep it under control

Lady Bridgerton is a widow and mother of eight children, so she has an awful lot on her plate managing the household and trying to bring up and marry off her brood with suitable matches. Clients like Violet are in charge of lots of big projects at once. This can sometimes require a little extra patience and understanding as a freelancer. You might have to remind them exactly which piece of work it is you’re talking about, or wait a few days for a reply to your queries as they’re pulled in lots of different directions.

Colin Bridgerton – The joker

A catch-up with this client is always entertaining – they will have plenty of tales of travels and hijinks to regale you with, and your Zoom calls can end up wildly off-topic. While your sides might ache from laughing, you can sometimes leave a conversation with this client feeling like you’ve not really got any further on with the task at hand. If you can keep them focused for at least some of your meetings, then working with this client can be really good fun.

Eloise Bridgerton – The rebellious client that likes to think outside the box

This freelancing client is like a breath of fresh air. They are always questioning the status quo and challenging everyone to think differently about the way things are done. Freelancers can learn an awful lot by working for clients with this “disruptor” attitude, and it can lead to lasting changes in the way you work too. Eloise is a sardonic wit and has an endless curiosity and investigative mind. You can’t expect a hands-off approach from this client – they’ll always be there, asking you why you’re doing things a certain way. They are a champion for equality and inclusion, which makes time spent working with this client extremely valuable for your freelancing business.

Penelope Fetherington – The client with something to hide

Evasive and secretive, it’s hard to get a straight answer from this client, and you always suspect you’re not quite getting the full story. Rather than waste your time and energy trying to figure it out, it’s best to just get on with the job in hand and not worry too much about the underlying internal politics going on at the client end!

Newton the Corgi – Your most loyal client

One quality that is equally valuable in business as it is in love is loyalty, and Newton the Corgi delivers that in spades. Always there by your side, this client has seen your freelancer business grow from when it was your part-time side hustle to your full-time dream job. They’ve stuck with you through thick and thin, and are fiercely protective of you. When work gets stressful, this client can always cheer you up by dropping into your inbox. You’ve been working together so long that you implicitly understand each other, so projects run smoothly, and they always seem to return to you with more work.

With Bridgerton and its diverse cast, anachronistic use of music and costume, and rebellious spirit, Shonda Rhimes has shaken up the costume-drama. Here at Dinghy, we’re trying to do the same thing to business insurance – breaking away from tired old traditions and reinventing small business cover to suit the needs of freelancers today. That means we offer flexible cover that you can dial down when you’re not working, pay monthly as standard with no extra fees, not to mention a whole bundle of extras in Freelancer Assist – including our unique invoice-chasing service if you find yourself on the end of a non-payment scandal. Dinghy offers professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance for freelancers, as well as cover for your gadgets and equipment, and protection against cyber attacks. Squeeze in a freelance business insurance quote between episodes on your Bridgerton binge – it takes less than a minute on our website and it’s the best match you’ll make this season.

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