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How to look after your mental health as a freelancer

Two years of a global pandemic, soaring energy bills, war raging in Ukraine: it’s fair to say that life at the moment has a few external stressors that can make balancing your mental health just that little bit trickier. And while we value the freedom, flexibility and independence of freelance life, the flip side of that can be uncertainty, financial

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What insurances should a freelance sound engineer have?

Listen up, sound engineers! We know it can be confusing shopping around for sound engineer insurance. There are so many different types of business insurance, and many insurers seem geared around bigger businesses. But Dinghy is marching to a different beat – flexible, low-hassle business insurance orchestrated specifically to the needs of freelancers like you. We’ve put together this guide

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7 tips to generate new leads as a freelancer

Email inbox empty? Phone not ringing? All freelancers go through periods where work seems slower and hard to come by. It can be a worrying and frustrating time, particularly if you’re all set up and raring to go. With everyone experiencing big hikes in the cost of living from rising fuel and energy bills and the price of food, it’s

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Do I need business insurance as a freelancer?

Freelance life – it’s all about setting your own priorities, choosing your own projects and the freedom to work when it suits you. You might not even think of yourself as a business, especially when you’re first starting out as a freelancer. We hear this a lot when we mention Dinghy business insurance to new freelancers. “I don’t think I

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