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How to make the most of limited outside space

June saw UK house price growth hit 13.4% – the highest monthly rise since 2004. With lockdown causing people to look to move out of London and the big cities to smaller towns and rural locations, being stuck in our homes for the best part of 18 months made us all feel a bit claustrophobic. One of the things that

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How to brand yourself as a freelancer

As things begin to open up again post-lockdown, there’s fierce competition for freelance jobs, especially in sectors where permanent posts have diminished, and more people have jumped into freelancing. If work is a bit quiet at the moment, freelancers can use this time productively to build their brand, increasing their chances of winning work in the future. But how do you brand yourself

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Freelancer parents: balancing work and school

Freelancing parents – do you ever feel like your head is a jumble of things to remember? Zoom meeting at 9am. Daughter needs her P.E. kit. Must follow up on that new client quote. Did I transfer their lunch money?  Lockdown and home-schooling weren’t always fun, but at least you knew where everybody needed to be at all times. Now that

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How to navigate gender bias at work

All women have been there. Struggling to get your voice heard in a meeting, and then a male colleague repeats your exact same point and gets praised for his insight. A glance over your outfit that lingers a little too long. A snide remark about your commitment as you leave the office on time so that you’re not late for

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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is one of those phrases that makes faces glaze over. We know the looks all too well. It’s a combination of “what are you talking about?” and “this is boring” all at the same time. But here at Dinghy, we want to help you get past those blank expressions – because you need to know about professional

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The different types of freelancer

At Dinghy, we know that no one fits into a box. Not one person is average, and everyone has their unique quirks. But when working, most of us are creatures of habit, and that is no different for freelancers. We all have our routine for work. Some of us work to the clock, while some of us must fit freelancing

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How to increase rates without losing clients

“Know your worth, and then add tax”. Have you seen those slogan t-shirts doing the rounds on Instagram? We’re not usually ones for sharing inspirational quotes, but this struck a chord with us – because it’s the ideal message for freelancers, who all too often undervalue themselves and their skills. And so the idea for this article was born…how to

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Do freelancers need insurance?

Business insurance? But I’m just a freelancer! Oh, there’s no such thing as “just” a freelancer. Freelancers contribute £145 billion per year to the UK economy, and the Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE) reported in 2019 that “productive and dynamic” freelancers play a “vital role in the economy”, giving businesses access to “invaluable flexible expertise”. However, this is something

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The top 10 website builders for freelancers

Did you catch our blog last month on the best free sites for freelancers? We pulled together a list of free websites that should help make your job as a freelancer a bit easier. When planning this blog at Dinghy HQ, we also thought it would be useful to include a free website builder, and we quickly realised that there

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