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Freelancer insurance FAQ’s

What’s the meaning of life? Do fish ever get thirsty? Where do all the teaspoons go? We don’t have the answer to every question, but when it comes to business insurance for freelancers, we like to think we know our stuff. In fact, if the Dinghy team ever got invited on Mastermind, that would be our specialist subject. So pull

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The best house plants for your home office

With lockdown in place for over a year now, most freelancers have got their working from home practices down to a tee. You’ve figured out the best place to work for a bit of quiet, bagged your perfect desk chair and had a spring clear out. But one item that we think all freelancers should have in their home office

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How to deal with lockdown ending

Freedom – it’s so close we can almost taste it. It tastes like being able to drink a pint indoors at a pub. Being able to invite our mum over for a cuppa in our own house. Being able to hug our bestie. If all goes to plan, we’re just over a month away from lockdown being over. Next week

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The best free sites for freelancers

The best things in life are free. If we didn’t believe that mantra before, then we sure do now that we work freelance. While freelancing allows most of us to build a living that is flexible, exciting and pays the bills, we’re not always left with huge amounts of cash at the end of the month. We’re also rarely blessed

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Essential insurances for a freelancer

Buying business insurance as a freelancer can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many different types of insurance that it can be hard to know what you need. You don’t want to be paying for cover that will never apply to you, but equally you want peace of mind to know that the most common risks are covered. At

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Freelancer News April: IR35 and Earth Day

April; it was the month where the blossom bloomed, the sun shone and the pubs finally pulled pints after a winter of lockdown. We hope that all our freelancers have managed to get out and explore some of those new freedoms – whether your idea of a good time is a sweaty spin class or an all-day shopping spree. Once

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How to plan a freelance summer holiday

We all have our own idea of the perfect summer holiday. For some people, it’s sun lounger, cocktail in hand, soft white sand. Others prefer a “sightsee by day, party by night” city break. This year, coronavirus restrictions and financial uncertainty might make getting your perfect break away that bit more difficult for freelancers. But we still think it’s important

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Earth Day 2021 – what can freelancers do?

It was our favourite verbose amphibian Kermit the Frog who proclaimed “it’s not easy being green”. And, it might not always be easy, but it is important, and there are some simple steps that freelancers can take to reduce their carbon footprint and make sure they tread lightly on our precious planet. Today (22nd April) is Earth Day – the

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