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Freelancers in lockdown, a year in review

There were celebrations this week as beer gardens filled, shoppers queued, and lockdown locks were chopped. It’s now been over a year since the first lockdown started, and we know it’s been hard for freelancers. Aside from the pain of being separated from our friends and families, the boredom of being stuck at home, we’ve also had to wrestle with

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I’m a freelancer, does IR35 apply to me?

Maybe you’re the type of freelancer who dutifully checks the FT each morning to see if there’s any news that might affect the self-employed. Or maybe you’re the type of freelancer who would genuinely rather undergo a particularly grizzly Bushtucker-trial style scorpion encounter than click on the “business” section. If you’re in the first category, you may have noticed that

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How freelancers can prepare for lockdown ending

“Stay at home” is over, and we are simply loving the park picnics, backyard barbeques and Friday 5-a-side, even if it does mean braving the odd April shower. We’re still a few months away from lockdown being over for good, but following the government’s road map we are starting to get our first taste of freedom and boy, is it

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How to stay safe when travelling for work

The devastating news of the alleged kidnap and murder of Londoner Sarah Everard dominated news headlines last month. While events like this are fortunately very rare, it has prompted many of us to take another look at how we manage our personal safety. It’s always the case that the onus should be on perpetrators to not commit offences, and that

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The news from March that could affect freelancers

It’s been a busy month for freelancers as we draw close to the end of the tax year and continue to deal with the effects of a winter in lockdown on our businesses, workloads and mental health. The end of home-schooling earlier this month meant an opportunity for freelancing parents to refocus back on to work, and is hopefully the

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The best desk chairs for your home office

Are you sitting comfortably? What, you’re not?! Too often, when we set up a home office, we focus on getting the tech right: a state of the art laptop, a decent set of speakers, maybe even a flashy second screen. We forget the most important part – the chair. Remember, you’ll potentially be sitting in this chair 8+ hours a

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The best podcasts for freelancers

A few weeks ago, we took a look at the 7 blogs every freelancer should be reading. And while we still love sitting down with a cuppa and catching up on our favourite blogs, we’re really feeling the screen-fatigue after nearly a year of lockdown. Enter: the podcast. With podcasts, you can take the wisdom and advice of fellow freelancers and

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How to stay COVID-safe working as a freelancer

After a year of working from home, socialising on Zoom and cutting our own hair, the end of lockdown is finally in sight. Unlike the disaster of my housemate’s “Zooey Deschanel inspired” fringe, this time lockdown easing seems to have been planned with caution and based on careful evidence. The NHS is making great progress in delivering the vaccine and

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How to bring some spring into your home office

Ah, the birds are singing sweetly, fragrant blossom fills the air, and the first rays of sunshine begin to gently awake the animals from hibernation. Okay, freelance life isn’t a Disney movie, so maybe you haven’t even noticed yet. For those of you who have been glued to your laptop in your home office, newsflash: spring is here! And with

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