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How to get paid as a freelancer

You’ve won a fantastic new client, agreed on a price and spent hours working on the project. You raise the invoice and wait. The payment due date passes but there’s no sign of your money. You send a polite email and get no response. You start to feel a little concerned. You need that money to come in soon or

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Best Cafes to Work From in Bristol

As former freelancers ourselves at Dinghy, we understand the importance of getting yourself out of the house from time-to-time, away from the luring procrastinations of doing laundry or finally cleaning that little spot in the kitchen. That’s why we’re running a series of blogs of the best cafes for freelancers to work in each major city around the UK. Having

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Ultimate Guide to Pricing Work as a Freelancer

Entering the world of freelancing can be both exciting and daunting. Inevitably there will be some trial and error, some questionable decisions and some mistakes made. However, with a bit of research, planning and a willingness to learn, the mistakes can be limited to inconveniences rather than disasters. One area that needs careful thought is pricing. Many freelancers struggle with

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