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December 6, 2021

The best Christmas gift ideas for your freelancer friends

Written by Olivia Bufton

Mariah Carey doesn’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. They don’t mean a thing to Kelly Clarkson. Well, it might not be cool to say so, but we do love a little bit of gift-giving and receiving here at Dinghy HQ. Christmas is about more than commercialism, but there is a special kind of love involved in selecting the perfect present for someone, and seeing their face light up as they open it. If you can be sure it’s something they’ll really love and will use all year, you’ll avoid the waste and excess of the season – and spread lots of love and joy. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for picking the ideal gift for your freelancing friends, whatever they’re into.

For the freelancer that’s always cold

With energy bills at record levels this year, show a freezing freelancer you care by giving them the gift of warmth! Working from home has its joys, but it can also take a serious toll on your heating bill – so winter warmers are always welcome. Help them keep their toes toasty with some new woolly socks or sheepskin slippers. A hot water bottle is great for perching on their lap to warm frozen fingers. A blanket to snuggle up in is always a gorgeous present to receive, and, if you’re the crafty sort, you could even make this yourself for that ultra-personal freelance gift.

For the organised freelancer

If your freelancer friend enjoys planning, lists and making sure every window in their schedule is filled with something productive, then they’re guaranteed to love presents that help them instil order. Think: diaries, calendars, wall planners and notebooks. Bullet journaling kits are really popular and a good way to mix organisation and creativity. For social media freelancers, throw a set of coloured pens into the freelance present bundle as well to help them with that all-important content planning!

For the foodie freelancer

The way to a freelancer’s heart is through their stomach. Freelancers appreciate a ready supply of snacks, so hampers of treats are always a winner. If you want to spread the joy throughout the year, there are also subscription box gifts you could sign them up for. Snacks, veg, ale, gin – you can get just about any of their favourites delivered to their door every month. If you’re not sure what they like, restaurant vouchers are another good bet. They can have a night off cooking and the chance to go out and enjoy themselves too (make sure you throw in an offer of babysitting if they have young children!). Finally, if you know your freelancer friend has a coffee addiction, then there’s really only one present that will do. You could buy some fancy fresh ground, sign them up for a java subscription, top-up their Starbucks card, or, if your budget is a bit bigger, you could splash out on a machine for their home office to keep them fueled throughout the day.

For the stressed-out freelancer

If you know a freelancer who’s feeling a little frazzled, gift them some self-care. This could be anything that helps them carve out a little time in their day to just be, to switch off from work and their other responsibilities. Think candles, incense, bath bombs, wax melts and pampering products. It might be that to take care of themselves they need some dedicated time, so you could book them a relaxing experience like a block of yoga classes or a spa day. As with the restaurant vouchers, if they have caring responsibilities, you could accompany the gift with a firm offer of help so they feel they can take the time out to look after themselves.

For the freelancer who can’t keep their hands still

Lots of freelancers are busy, busy people who just can’t seem to stop. Sometimes they find taking time off work a challenge, so give them something to occupy their busy hands (and brain) this Christmas – a colouring book, make your own jam kit, a set of knitting needles and some special yarn, a jigsaw puzzle – anything that will give them a project to work on and keep them away from their computer.

For the green freelancer

Earth-conscious freelancers might want to eschew Christmas and the excess consumption and waste it creates. But if you still want to show them you care, there are gifts you can get for green freelancers without offending their sustainable sensibilities. Things like reusable flasks, water bottles or insulated coffee cups are great if they are on the go. If they’re trying to cut down on single-use plastic, you could consider something useful like metal straws, reusable make-up wipes, or bamboo toothbrushes. They might also appreciate a charitable gift – for example planting a tree in their name, or donating to climate causes.

Have yourself a merry freelance Christmas

Another way to share the love and cheer with a fellow freelancer this Christmas is Dinghy’s Refer A Friend scheme. If you’re a current customer and you let your freelancer pals know about Dinghy, you’ll receive a £25 e-Gift Card reward for every friend who signs up, and your friends will get a £25 voucher too as a welcome bonus after their third payment. Just head to your account to get your unique referral link. We’ve recently partnered with Voucher Express which means you can select your gift card from a variety of top retailers. Let the Christmas shopping commence!

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