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October 25, 2018

What insurance do I need as a freelancer?

Written by Jack Lewis

As a freelancer, you can make mistakes that cost your client’s money. You can insure this risk with professional indemnity insurance.

If you meet with clients, work in a shared work space, or interact with anyone else while working, (waitresses, taxi drivers etc.), then you’ll need public Liability insurance. It covers you if you do something that accidentally harms them or damages their stuff. For instance, if you’re sat in a café and you plug your laptop in and someone trips over your cable and gets hurt.

Combined with your phone, camera, tablets and other business equipment you are a mobile office. What would happen if it was all stolen? That’s why it’s wise to consider worldwide insurance for all your equipment.

Every customer has different needs. Our most popular limit for freelancers is £1,000,000 professional indemnity, £1,000,000 public liability and £2,000 of business equipment.

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