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November 11, 2021

The best photographers for freelancers to get inspiration from

Written by Jack Lewis

Does a picture really speak a thousand words? Well, we wouldn’t want to pit our photographers against our copywriters like that. But there’s no denying that there’s a particular power in the visual: images have the ability to calm us, to excite us, to transport us across the world. Everyone’s life can be better with a few more photos in it! That’s why we’ve put together this guide for must-follow Insta accounts for freelancers from the world’s best photographers.

If you’re a photographer yourself, following some new accounts can help you see things from a different perspective, give your work a shake-up and help reignite your creativity. If you’re not, these stunning photography accounts will provide a much-needed timeline cleanse, brightening up your Instagram feed and providing moments of contemplation. Here’s a few of our faves…

Tatsuya Tanaka –

Tatsuya’s photographs will have you open-mouthed in amazement at the tiny miniature worlds he creates using a mix of minuscule figures and everyday objects. In Tanaka’s images, a surgical mask becomes a swimming pool full of holidaymakers, a child is pulled on a sledge across the head of a pint of pilsner, and crisps are reimagined as skate ramps. Definitely one for making you look differently at the world around you.

Jord Hammond –

Travel photographer Jord manages to make some of the most spectacular locations on the planet look somehow even more phenomenal. His images bring out the drama and scale of the landscapes he captures, especially through his use of sharp shadows and high-angle drone shots. Warning: his feed may give you itchy feet. Just add Bali, Croatia and Indonesia to our bucket list, please.

Hugo Suissas –

Hugo is the master of forced perspective – where you use objects at different distances from the camera in an attempt to create optical illusions. His feed is full of funny, surprising and creative works that tell stories. A bucket transforms a castle into a sandcastle, a series of arches makes a sneaker look like an inline skate, a suspension bridge becomes a snooker cue. So original, so clever and so well executed.

David Yarrow –

Monochromatic, dramatic and insanely detailed, David’s wildlife photography gets you closer to nature than a ticket to West Midlands Safari Park ever will. Spend a few minutes on his grid and experience lions leaping over you, rhinos charging towards you and a coastal bear seeming to square up to you. It’s a humbling and inspiring experience captured with startling clarity and humility.

Nadine Ijewere –

If fashion and portraits are more your style, head over to Nadine’s feed. Dreamy portraits, pops of colour and a socially-conscious style that celebrates blackness and strong femininity, it’s no wonder her talents are sought after by everyone from Vogue to the Wall Street Journal. She’s also just released a stunning book, Our Own Selves, a collection of her work celebrating identity and individual beauty.

Rob Stillwell –

Landscape photographer Rob shows off Britain’s best angles in his feed: pastoral meadows, working harbours and the occasional puffin. We particularly love the detail he manages to etch into his skies, be that a swirling milky way or a purple-toned sunset. He’s based in Plymouth so his feed is a good one to trawl if you’re missing the seaside.

Tubemapper –

Tubemapper is the brainchild of Luke Agbaimoni – and it kind of does what it says on the tin. It’s a project to capture all of the stations on the London Underground from a different perspective. Whether you’re an everyday commuter or a stranger to the Big Smoke, there’s so much playfulness, fun and joy to be found in the patterns, symmetries and movement in Luke’s images.

Peechya Burroughs –

Sydney-based Peechaya Burroughs’ work is both extremely minimalist and extremely amusing. Using a plain white background for all her shots, she creates visual gags and playful scenes using household objects. Her cat also makes a welcome appearance from time to time. Clever, cute and creative

Jordan Matter –

Jordan’s feed is a tough one for us because we never know what to be more impressed with – the clarity, sharpness and composition of his images, or the crazy contortions of the dancers and gymnasts he captures. His supreme skill is in making it all look so effortless and elegant. Another good one if you need a little colour in your life.

Vanessa McKeown –

There’s something deliciously uncanny about Vanessa’s still life photography, where earrings pierce Ritz crackers, plant leaves curl around Velcro rollers and toothpaste swirls into the perfect cupcake frosting. It’s thought-provoking, bold and bright work that leaves a lasting impression.

We hope you enjoy shaking up your inspo with these photography accounts. We think they’ll be of benefit to freelancers no matter what your specialism: it’s always good to be armed with a little bit more beauty, creativity and perspective in freelance life.

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