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June 17, 2021

The different types of freelancer

Written by Jack Lewis

At Dinghy, we know that no one fits into a box. Not one person is average, and everyone has their unique quirks. But when working, most of us are creatures of habit, and that is no different for freelancers.

We all have our routine for work. Some of us work to the clock, while some of us must fit freelancing work around other priorities. So, what type of freelancer are you? This blog looks at the different ways of working as a freelancer.

The super organised

If you always get your work done well ahead of the deadline, giving your client plenty of time for any tweaks, the chances are that your client loves you. You’re one of those skilled people who is super productive and good at time-keeping. You sometimes find yourself having to give your client a friendly prod to remind them you need X, Y and Z so you can finish your piece of work – you’ve got a strict timeline to keep, after all!

The vampire

No, we aren’t saying that you are afraid of garlic or wooden stakes. You simply do your best work after dark, and it’s often sometime around midnight that you get that flash of inspiration you need. It’s not unusual for your client to get an email from you at 3 am. Now just to wait for their reply…

The veteran

Not your first rodeo, you are the experienced freelancer who has been doing the job for years. You’ve got a good list of clients and know the best sites to use for scoping out new work (and the sites to avoid). Thanks to your years of experiences, you probably charge a bit more for your work – but if you don’t, you should consider reading this article by Dinghy on how to increase your rates.  

The hermit

Pre-lockdown, you were rocking loungewear back when it was still called PJs. You’ve been known to work in bed (we won’t tell), missed your morning shower and worked your way through the day bleary-eyed and with the curtains firmly shut, not having a clue what the weather is doing when your client asks.

The social media star

You started a podcast, and to your pleasant surprise, it’s gone viral. You’ve got thousands of followers in LinkedIn, and more freelance work than you could shake a stick at.

The early riser

You much prefer to get your work done early so you can enjoy the day. You’re usually awake by 5 in the morning, you’ve bashed out your work for the day, even found time to put a load of washing on, and before you know it it’s midday and you are finished for the day. The envy of your freelancer friends who are only just starting their workday.

The newbie

Relatively new to the game, you took the plunge to go freelance in lockdown. Perhaps you’re currently on furlough or unfortunately lost your job in the wake of the pandemic. Welcome to the world of freelancing! Dinghy is here to help, head to our Knowledgebase for some useful articles and the latest freelancer news.

The last-minute freelancer

You work best under pressure, so your projects are always done last minute. Every so often you decide you will change your ways, but it always ends up in procrastination. Luckily, (or skilfully, depending on how you look at it), you always manage to get your work to your clients just in time.

The stay-at-home parent

Freelancing is great as a parent, as generally, you can fit your schedule around your child-care needs (and hopefully save a bit of money on daycare costs). Your routine has probably changed about 10 times over the last year due to the changing rules in lockdown.

The part-timer

Perhaps working around another job, or your industry is still suffering due to lockdown, so you don’t have enough work on the go-to freelance full time. You’re keeping your toes in the water by doing a bit of freelance work on the side.

Whether you are super organised or leave things to the last minute, one thing that all freelancers should put to the front of the to-do list is freelancer insurance. Having the correct level of professional indemnity insurance can ensure you are protected in case a mistake happens or something goes wrong. Don’t delay, get a quote today in seconds.

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