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April 19, 2022

Why buy a freelancer insurance policy with Dinghy?

Written by Dinghy

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You already understand why you need insurance cover for your freelance business. The peace-of-mind, financial security and reassurance to clients, makes getting business insurance cover for your freelancing career a no-brainer. Business insurance means you’re protected and professional.

But why is a Dinghy policy the right choice for you – and hundreds of other freelancers like you? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why freelancers love Dinghy. From flexibility to Freelancer Assist, from going green to making changes on-the-go, here’s our rundown of the best things about our small business insurance policies – bespoke cover designed with freelance life in mind.

Flexible cover – play and pause

Freelance life is full of ebbs and flows, busy periods and quiet periods, and those times when you just need to hit the “off” switch. One of the standout features of Dinghy insurance policies is just how flexible they are – right down to our “by-the-minute” billing. Through a personalised dashboard, Dinghy customers are in full control of their policy; which you can turn up and down, altering the level of cover you need at the touch of a button. This is extra valuable for freelancers who only work part-time. Simply increase your cover for the days/hours you work and turn it down when you’re not actively working to get the lowest price. It’s also something to make use of if you’re going on holiday, off sick or between clients. This nifty feature lets you save money while your cover is at the lower level – just remember to increase your cover when you head back to work!

Manage your cover online

No-one likes waiting on hold on busy phonelines to make changes to their insurance policy. We’ve removed all the fuss and put you in control with your own online dashboard to manage your Dinghy cover. You have two options for making quick tweaks to your policy: either request your own secure magic link which is emailed to you instantly, or download our handy app (available for android or iPhone) so that your cover is always at your fingertips. From here you can share confirmation of your cover with clients, pause your policy or amend your personal details. Remember, this is all available without any hidden fees or admin charges.

Freelancer Assist

We like to think of Freelancer Assist as the freelancer’s sidekick: a helpful supportive ally to be there for you during your freelancing journey. Freelancer Assist gives you access to some vital support services – including legal, tax and counselling helplines. It’ll give you support if you have to undergo a tax investigation, and offer compensation for lost income if you get called to do Jury Duty. Most vitally though, Freelancer Assist comes with a unique invoice-chasing service, designed to help freelancers recover unpaid debts from clients. We know how much strife and hardship can be caused by unpaid invoices – so if you don’t have any luck getting your clients to cough up, our expert legal team may be able to take on the burden and support you with debt recovery. IPSE figures estimate that freelancers in the creative industries lose an average of £5,400 a year through unpaid work – Freelancer Assist is our way of putting an end to this exploitation of freelancers.

We’re reducing carbon

Dinghy has partnered with Ecologi, which means that for every policy that we sell, we plant trees and support climate projects to offset our carbon emissions and ensure we have a positive impact on our planet. In our two-year relationship with Ecologi, we’ve planted 4,280 trees in places like Madagascar, Mozambique and even here in the UK. We’ve also offset over 344 tonnes of carbon emissions. Find out more about how we’re being climate positive on our Ecologi profile.

Add the cover you need

When it comes to choosing your insurance cover, we’ve once again made sure that flexibility is the name of the game. When you build your freelancer insurance package with Dinghy, you’re in control of what cover you take out. We offer:

  • Professional indemnity insurance – protect your reputation and your clients with this insurance that covers mistakes, bad advice and negligence in your work
  • Public liability insurance – protect those around you by insuring against accidents causing injury and property damage to third parties  where you are held liable
  • Business equipment insurance – protect your precious gear anywhere in the world with replacement items or cash in your bank within 24 hours (available as an add-on only)
  • Cyber liability insurance – protect your data, business and clients against the threat of online attacks (available as an add-on only)

As with every other part of Dinghy life, getting signed up is completely hassle-free. Just simply pop a few key details in on our website and we’ll email you a no-obligation quote straight to your inbox. If you’re happy to go ahead, you can get protected right away, share your proof of cover with clients and start to take advantage of all the benefits that Dinghy customers enjoy.

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