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November 1, 2021

The best YouTubers for freelancers to learn from

Written by Jack Lewis

Did you know YouTube is a great place to go to learn? And we don’t just mean nailing the perfect smokey eye look, finding out whether things sink or float or the correct way to hang wallpaper. Yep, turns out, if you know where to look, there’s a YouTube video for almost anything – and that includes vital skills for freelancers.

Fortunately for us, many top freelancers have taken to YouTube to showcase their skills through snappy, easy-to-follow video guides. In this article, we round-up some of our favourite YouTubers for freelancers. These are the channels we head to when we’re struggling to get our heads around business strategy, looking for support with our branding or technical skills, or simply wanting to feel like we’re not alone in the big bad world of freelancing. Here are the best YouTubers for freelancers to learn from:

John Morris – YouTube

US freelancer and deep-thinker John Morris covers everything freelance on his channel, from beginners guides to how to use data to set your rates. John’s channel is full of simple, clear videos – no flashy gimmicks and no promise of quick fixes, but prompts to get you thinking differently about your freelancing business. It’s practical, thoughtful advice that has us returning to him again and again. His videos are organised into sections to help you find what it is that you’re looking for. If you’re a user of Upwork then definitely take a look at John’s guides like how to get lowballing clients to up their offer.

Jorden Makelle – YouTube

We love Jorden’s punky attitude to freelance copywriting, and also how willing she is to share her expertise and experience with newbies to the game. If you’re looking to get into freelance copywriting, Jorden has lots of guides detailing how to start completely from scratch, including a playlist of how to build your writing portfolio and a guide to profitable freelance writing niches that are often overlooked.

PiXimperfect – YouTube

If you’ve been struggling to get to grips with Photoshop, head to the PiXimperfect channel right now. This channel has hundreds of videos sharing tips, tricks and tutorials for getting the most out of Photoshop and creating professional-level image editing. Tech whizz Unmesh Dinder can help you troubleshoot almost any issue with your photos and introduce you to tools and features that you might not have used before. Even experienced photographers, editors and designers should swing by – there’s almost certainly a tip you could try out on your next project to take your images up to the next level. How about a trick to take the colour grading from any other photo and apply it to your own? Or do you want to turn video into brilliant long exposure photography? Umesh also covers emerging AI technology and other bits of the Adobe suite including PremierPro.

Brandy Morgan – YouTube

Self-styled freelance queen Brandy Morgan has a YouTube channel packed with content aimed at all types of freelancers: entrepreneurs, software developers, web developers, digital marketers, social media managers and more are all well-catered for here. Brandy’s channel covers a nice mix of the more lifestyle aspects of freelancing (like how to be more productive when you feel unmotivated) and technical tricks (like how to structure a project on GitHub). The variety of content and the accessible tone means there is something for everyone. If you like her style but are looking for more structured support, Brandy also has a freelance mastery course you can take.

Chris the Freelancer – YouTube

Chris the Freelancer has built a life most people could only dream of – travelling the world and working independently of location. The self-described “digital nomad” has documented his life and adventures on his YouTube channel, where he also offers advice about how you can work efficiently from anywhere. If you’re looking to follow in his footsteps, his channel is full of insights and tips to help you make it happen, including interviews with other globetrotting freelancers, masterclasses, and destination guides.

Kenny Gunderman – YouTube

Kenny is a software engineer showing the basics of coding and snippets from his life experience as a freelance programmer. His light-hearted channel is full of humour and warmth. If you’re just starting out as a programmer, check out his videos like how to get into programming and 5 huge tips for new programmers. More experienced programmers will appreciate the honesty and relatability of his content, and may also learn a thing or two as well from his explorations of tools like Flutter or his summary of everything I’ve learned in 5 years of coding!

Jason Whaling – YouTube

Entrepreneur Jason has a head for business and has filled his YouTube channel with content that shares strategy tips, digital marketing tools and his own experiences. If you’re looking to grow your business, Jason’s tools and tutorials are a goldmine of advice and expertise. Perhaps you want to get to grips with Google ads or run a webinar? Jason’s got a guide for that! He’s also curated playlists based on topics like content creation and productivity.

Demi Bernice – YouTube

If marketing is your forte, you need to subscribe to Demi. Her specialism is digital marketing, and her vibrant videos draw you into her world as she offers her top tips for successful freelancing, including how to deal with clients who try to haggle on your rates and what a funnel is. She also offers a focus on self-development, meaning that her channel deals with the whole experience of life as a freelancer.

John Lemuel Jumawid – YouTube

YouTuber John is a digital ads specialist and video editor from the Philippines. But the best thing about his channel is that it’s not all about him – his feed is full of in-depth interviews with other freelancers, telling us all about their freelancing journeys and sharing their tips for success. Alongside this, John offers how-to guides on freelancing as a video editor and strategies for growing a YouTube channel.

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