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Laptop Insurance

Fair & flexible insurance for laptops and other business equipment, tailored for freelancers and self-employed professionals. Toggles on-and-off to suit your needs and save you money.
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Why buy Laptop insurance?

For most freelancers, contractors and self-employed professionals, your laptop is your modern workhouse. Without it you simply can’t work. Combined with your phone, camera, tablets and other business equipment you are a mobile office. What would happen if it was all stolen? At Dinghy, we offer worldwide insurance for all your equipment. We have a 24/7 business equipment claims service and if you live in mainland UK we will aim to have all your equipment replaced and couriered to you within 24 hours of you telling us; or quicker. And if we can’t meet that you can choose instant cash straight into your bank – no delays, no fuss – allowing you to get on with your job.
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Why choose Dinghy Laptop insurance?

We know that your laptop is essential for your business. We also know that you want the freedom to be able to work from other places than just your home. That’s why we have a 24/7 claims service, worldwide cover, new model replacement, and our insurance covers you while you are working in a co-working space. We aim for a 24-hour replacement. From the moment we accept your claim we will work hard to make sure your replacement is with you as soon as possible. And if we can’t meet your expectations, we will send cash instantly to your bank. No delays of three days – instant money transfer. We want to get you your business equipment as quickly as possible, so you can work. However that works best for you.

What does our Laptop insurance cover?

  • We cover loss, theft and damage to any equipment that is owned by your company.
  • We cover many kinds of business equipment, so for example, if you’re looking for Macbook Pro insurance, as long as it’s business equipment this is the place to come.
  • Our insurance covers you while you are working in a co-working space. So if your equipment is stolen overnight while locked in a shared space, or you go to get a coffee and someone sneaks past the security with your laptop, we’ll cover you. (Like every other insurer, we can’t cover you if you leave your equipment unattended in a public place, like a coffee shop so remember to be extra vigilant).

Do I need Laptop insurance?

There is no requirement to insure your laptop. But most home insurance policies will exclude coverage for your business equipment, so if you don’t insure it under a business equipment insurance policy you run the risk. Ask yourself, could you afford to lose more than a day or two without your laptop?

How much does Laptop insurance cost?

The price depends on where you live and work, and how much you choose to insure. The more you insure, the more expensive it will be. However, the cost of insurance is much less than the cost of replacing your business equipment. Get a quote

How does Laptop insurance work?

Our insurance covers theft and damage to your equipment. We will replace your equipment on a new for old basis; so if you damage a 2015 MacBook Pro then we will replace it with a brand new 2015 MacBook Pro of the same spec.

What level of Laptop insurance do I need?

However much equipment you’ve bought under your company! And even if you have bought it personally, don’t forget you can sell the equipment to your business, which is better from an accounting perspective too. Because we replace as new, if your equipment is less than a year old use the amount you paid for it. Get a quote

Our Products

At Dinghy we have carefully crafted our insurance products with the self-employed professional and freelancer lifestyle at their core. In doing so they fit perfectly with your flexible hours and changing work environments. Reflecting the modern way you do business. Stack them together, manage them easily and get yourself covered.