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Self Employed Insurance

Fair & flexible insurance for self-employed freelancers. Get a quote in 60 seconds and be protected from a cost of just 30p a day.
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Why buy self-employed insurance?

You are in control. Your business and your success are of your own making. But no matter how well you run your business there are simply things in life that are out of your control. When self-employed you are responsible for all that happens with your business. And that includes the risk of things going wrong and the consequences this brings. Buying self-employed insurance is one of those decisions that feel low priority, but could actually make the difference between success and failure. Unless you have the assets or reserves to cover the legal and compensation costs that can come with a claim. Or to replace lost equipment, work and time, then self-employed insurance is a no brainer. At Dinghy we have the best self-employed insurance on the market. We really mean it, there is no better insurance for the self-employed on the market!
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Why choose Dinghy self-employed insurance?

We have worked meticulously to create an insurance product specific for self-employed professionals. Our insurance is fast, flexible and great value. We are the first and so far only insurance provider that allows you to pay less when you are not working, giving you an insurance policy that truly matches your lifestyle. You can get a quote in 60 seconds and be insured from a cost of just 30p a day. Fair and flexible insurance for the self-employed. Self-employed insurance that you can turn on or off, up or down. Charged by the second and billed only at the end of the month for the cover you use. The future of self-employed insurance is Dinghy.

Do you need insurance if you are self-employed?

Being self-employed brings many benefits. You are in control. Work when and how you wish and enjoy the freedom that this brings. The sky is your limit. But that does not mean being self-employed does not have its risks. Being self-employed means being responsible for all aspects of your business and the consequences if someone were to make a claim against you. That is why it’s vital to get insurance when self-employed. With Dinghy’s flexible business insurance for the self-employed, you don’t need to worry about covering the costs of legal and compensation fees, your insurance will cover you should anything go wrong. And because we were freelancers once, we understand insurance for the self-employed. You don’t need to pay for what you don’t need, or use. That is why we are the first to allow you to turn your insurance off when you are not working. Saving you money, but keeping you covered.

What insurance do you need when self-employed?

At Dinghy we recommend that you buy self-employed insurance and offer several types of insurance for the self-employed. – Professional indemnity insurance for the self-employed Professional indemnity insurance is fundamental business insurance for the self-employed that covers the costs and compensation to your client if you’ve made a mistake in your work, now or in the past, that ends up losing them money. Professional Indemnity insurance will cover any legal costs associated with defending a made claim against your business, as well as any compensation that will be required to settle the claim. Vital insurance for the self-employed for greater peace of mind. – Public liability insurance for the self-employed Public Liability insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against your business if a third party is injured or their property suffers damage whilst at your business premises or when you are working in their home, office, coffee shop or co-working space. If you often visit your clients or work in shared spaces where members of the public are then plenty can go wrong! Whether you damage someone else’s property, or if someone is injured as a result of your work. In both cases, your business could be sued. Public Liability insurance will cover the cost of legal action and compensation costs, up to the limit of your policy. – Business Equipment Insurance for the self-employed Most home insurance policies don’t cover your business equipment. Dinghy’s business equipment insurance covers loss, theft or damage to your business equipment whilst on your business premises, at home, on the move or even in a co-working space. We cover you worldwide, wherever you may be. And we are one of the few insurers who cover you whilst you are in a co-working space. Upon a successful claim, we will get you a replacement in 24 hours, or send cash directly to you bank account if we cannot meet that promise!

What insurance does a self-employed professional need?

When self-employed you can make mistakes that cost your client’s money. You can insure this risk with professional indemnity insurance to cover any legal fees or compensation costs. We also offer public liability, and business equipment cover, and at Dinghy we include Freelancer Assist with all policies as standard. Which provides help when clients aren’t paying an invoice, covers lost pay due to being called for jury service. Or provides expert tax specialists if you have an IR35 or other tax inspection. Get a quote

How much does self-employed insurance cost?

Self-employed insurance costs less than you think! From 30p a day we can provide professional indemnity insurance of £100,000 each claim. Our average self-employed professional pays less than £18 per month. And you can also buy public liability and business equipment cover to up your protection for your self-employed business. Get a quote

What happens if I make an insurance claim?

First thing to do is not panic. We are here to help you. As soon as you need to make a claim you can login to your Self Service area and go to Support. If it’s an equipment claim, we will be there for you 24/7 and aim to get you back up and running within 24 hours with a replacement, or pay cash direct into your bank account if that is not possible. Get a quote

How much self-employed insurance do I need?

Every customer has different needs. Our most popular insurance limit for the self-employed is £1,000,000 professional indemnity, £1,000,000 public liability and £2,000 of business equipment. But every person is unique and has different needs, and you can choose the level of self-employed insurance you need for your business. Get a quote

Our Products

At Dinghy we have carefully crafted our insurance products with the self-employed professional and freelancer lifestyle at their core. In doing so they fit perfectly with your flexible hours and changing work environments. Reflecting the modern way you do business. Stack them together, manage them easily and get yourself covered.