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Sole Trader Insurance

Fair & flexible freelance sole trader insurance. Get sole trader insurance online in under 5 minutes and be protected from just 30p a day.
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Why do I need to buy sole trader insurance?

Even the best of us make mistakes. We get it. You’re an expert at what you do. At the top of your game. But we all slip up occasionally. To err is human, after all. As a sole trader, it’s essential to remember that the buck stops at your feet. You are your business, and your business is you. If something goes wrong – or even if a client simply accuses you of something – then you’ll have to defend yourself. Having sole trader insurance may well be something that sits low on your list of priorities, but having cover in place could be the difference between you being able to continue with your work rather than having to spend a long time on the sidelines dealing with the costly consequences of litigation. Let’s be honest – not many of us have enough spare time (or deep enough pockets) to deal with claims on our own, or to replace lost or damaged equipment. That’s where Dinghy comes in. You won’t find better insurance for sole traders anywhere – flexible, inexpensive, and only there when you need it. What more could you want?
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Why choose sole trader insurance from Dinghy?

At Dinghy, our product is tailored specifically to meet the demands of the modern day sole trader. Our insurance is fast. It’s flexible. It’s responsive. And we’ve built it so that you only have to buy the cover you need, when you need it. We have pioneered an entirely new model of insurance cover designed to meet the needs of today’s worker. With our cover you can pay less when you’re not working, with the ability to turn it on, off, up, or down depending on when and how you’re working. We charge by the second and only bill you at the end of the month. It’ll take less than 60 seconds to get a quote, and you can be properly insured for as little as 30p a day. Sole traders are the future of work. Dinghy is the future of insurance. We make a good pair.

Do you have to have insurance as a sole trader?

Working as a sole trader comes with many perks. You are your own boss, responsible for deciding when, where, and how you work. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks to consider too. As a sole trader, you’re responsible for your reputation and the work that you do. If a client isn’t happy with that work, or if you accidentally make a mistake, there’s always a chance they could make a claim against you. That’s where having the right insurance cover comes in. Here at Dinghy, we provide the easiest to use, most flexible business insurance for sole traders that you’re likely to find. Whether you get injured on the job, damage your equipment (or someone else’s), or need to cover legal and compensation fees we’ve got the insurance cover you’ll need. And that’s not all. Dinghy was made for freelancers, by freelancers. Our cover reflects the way you work. You can turn it on or off, up or down – whenever suits you. You don’t pay for what you don’t need, and if you’re not working you can simply turn your insurance off. It’s as simple as that.

What insurance do I need as a sole trader?

Insurance for sole traders is essential. Luckily for you, here at Dinghy we offer a variety of insurance products for sole traders. – Professional indemnity insurance for sole traders When you work as a sole trader, professional indemnity insurance is one of the types of business insurance that matters most. It’ll cover any costs and associated compensation to your client if you make a mistake in the course of your work (either now or in the past). It’ll give you vital financial support when it comes to any legal costs linked to defending a claim made against you, leaving you free to continue with what you do best. It’s an essential insurance for sole traders. – Public liability insurance for sole traders A question we hear a lot here at Dinghy HQ is ‘Do you have to have public liability insurance as a sole trader?’. Our answer: we’d strongly recommend that you do. If someone gets injured (or their equipment gets damaged) then your sole trader public liability insurance will step into to cover any associated costs and claims. Many sole traders will work in close proximity to other members of the public in shared working spaces. Accidents can happen. Whether it’s damage to someone else’s property or an injury to the person themselves, public liability will step up and cover you up to the limits of your policy. – Business Equipment Insurance for sole traders For many sole traders, the equipment they use for work is an essential part of what they do. Without that equipment, it’d be very difficult for you to carry on with your role. That’s where our sole trader business equipment insurance cover can help. It’ll cover loss, theft, or damage – whether you’re at home, in an office environment, on the move, or even in a co-working environment. And we cover you worldwide. If your claim is approved, then we’ll aim to replace your equipment within 24 hours or send the money you need directly to your bank if that proves not to be possible.

What insurance do I need as a sole trader?

When you’re a sole trader sometimes mistakes happen, and those mistake can cost your client money. With professional indemnity insurance you’ll be able to cover any legal or compensation costs should this happen. Alongside that, you’ll see that we offer public liability insurance and business equipment cover, as well as our Freelancer Assist product with every policy – giving you a helping hand if you have an invoice which isn’t getting paid on time, for example. When it comes to how much insurance you need as a sole trader, it’s important to note that everyone’s different. Our most popular levels of cover for sole traders are £1,000,000 professional indemnity, £1,000,000 public liability and £2,000 of business equipment, but do make sure you know how much you need before you commit to purchasing the policy. Get a quote

How much does insurance cost for a sole trader?

To put it simply – not as much as you’d think! Our cover starts from 30p a day, and with that we can provide professional indemnity insurance of £100,000 each claim. Our average sole trader pays less than £18 per month. You’re also able – quickly and easily – to add public liability insurance and business equipment cover to your policy. Get a quote

What happens if I make an insurance claim?

If it happens – stay calm. That’s what we’re here for. If you need to make a claim it’s simply. Just head on over to your Self Service area and select Support. If you’re a sole trader claiming on your business equipment cover we’ll work for you 24/7, aiming to get you back on your feet and back in business with replaced or repaired equipment within 24 hours. Get a quote

What’s the difference between ‘sole trader’ and ‘self employed’?

It’s a question we hear all the time. It’s pretty likely that, if you’re self employed, then you’re a sole trader. That’s basically a way of saying that, in reality, there isn’t much of a difference between the two terms. Both are applicable to you. ‘Sole trader’ describes how your business is structured, and ‘self employed’ is simply a way of stating that you neither work as a ‘regular’ employee or pay tax through PAYE. One and the same essentially. Get a quote

Our Products

At Dinghy we have carefully crafted our insurance products with the sole trader and freelancer lifestyle at their core. In doing so they fit perfectly with your flexible hours and changing work environments. Reflecting the modern way you do business. Stack them together, manage them easily and get yourself covered.