Important information for Dinghy customers. Click here to learn more.

Important information for Dinghy customers

Dinghy is no longer accepting new policies

It is with a heavy heart that we have to let you know that Dinghy will no longer be accepting new customers from the 11th February 2023.

Please rest assured that all existing customer policies will continue uninterrupted and remain in effect with no changes until their expiration date.

Existing customers will continue to have access to their current policies online and these continue to be supported by Allianz and ARAG.

However, when these existing policies come to a natural end at the agreed expiration date, existing customers will need to seek alternative insurance.

We are in the process of contacting customers with existing policies prior to their policy expiration date to give them time to seek alternative cover, but if you would like to speak to us about this, please call us on 0116 380 5654.


An alternative insurance

Dinghy UK Limited is an Appointed Representative of Kingsbridge Risk Solutions Ltd, which means Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance can offer you an insurance package to cover Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and much more including Cyber Liability and Legal Expenses.

With competitive premiums and support both over the phone and online, Kingsbridge may be able to offer you a competitive alternative to Dinghy.

You’re under no obligation to take insurance from our friends at Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, but we wanted to give you the option of discussing to see if a Kingsbridge policy is right for you.

We wanted to thank you for being a customer of Dinghy and hope you’ve enjoyed the benefits the policy has offered.


Thank you for being a Dinghy customer!

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